Understanding UX Design in the Mobile App Universe

Digital products are the by product of both startups and established companies. Clientele of digital products are those who have a clear idea of how to use technology, how to utilize it to the max to make daily life easy, effective and efficient.


The path between the idea and the final outcome has a lot of steps. In those steps, some of them belong to the UX designer because of their job. This can be the first step leading to the path of victory.


The world of technology consists of numerous terms and phrases a lot of people are not able to understand. Considering the fact people come from various backgrounds, and professionals in the industry too come from various expertise and backgrounds, the notion makes full sense.


Now let us read about UX design in the universe of mobile app development.

UX design – what is it?

iOS app development Dubai professionals explain that UX is basically an abbreviation i.e. a shortcut term to describe user experience. The job of a UX designer is designing whatever the user wants in the most enjoyable and friendly manner possible.


UX Design is not just related solely to digital products. It is related to each interaction people have with everything present in the world. That’s right, the hamburger they eat, the restaurant they went to, the place they work, the action they played with and the like, all of this is related to user experience.

This is something that is quite important to understand as everything and every interaction with those things is a part of user experience. The job of the user experience (UX) designer is to make such interactions much better at all costs. This is done through a proper understanding of the patterns people make and their habits too to ensure top-notch experiences are created.


Let us have an example to consider. Suppose a person is eating their bowl of cereal, and that is their user experience (UX). Even in this case, numerous factors need consideration which are as under:


  • The cereal’s size.
  • Its crunchiness and flavor.
  • Is the spoon big or small?
  • Size of the bowl.
  • Quality of the milk.


What factors are involved in designing UX?

For designing a worthwhile user experience, the following rules need to be followed diligently:



We will now use another example here, of coffee cups having the same purpose, putting coffee in them and drinking from them. Yet, both have a difference in user experience.


Now let’s implement those three rules on each cup. When it comes to usefulness, both cups A & B serve the purpose. In terms of usability, it depends on the way the cup can be held for the coffee to be drunk.


Considering Cup, A, it is like a glass, two layers of glass having air in between, isolating the hand from the coffee. This is known to keep the hand cool and the coffee warm. Not only does it fit hands of various sizes but even tells the amount of coffee left. Thus, easy to use.


Considering Cup B, it can be difficult to use as it may not fit all kinds of hands. The handle is the main touching and handling point, and if users ignore the handle, they might feel a burning sensation on their hands. Usability is not that good.


Now when it comes to desirability, consider the fact that a person in a store is looking at both of them. Which one makes more of a statement? Which one is classic? Some like B because it is a classic mug whilst some go for A as it is quite attractive.


Looking at all those three rules, the winner is the glass cup.

The core basis of UX design

The core principle and basis of UX design is that it is about usage. A lot of companies and organizations make products whilst thinking from the perspective of business instead of thinking how the user is actually going to experience the product.


Hence, rather than thinking about what they want to design, they should think about what will make the user’s experience much better. There are a lot of ways to think about this. Hence getting creative is a good thing that a UX designer can do when thinking about a product’s design.

Small changes can lead to large differences

If a person searches online for examples of bad UX, then they are going to find a lot of them. Most of these take place when designers think about how they are going to use the products instead of keeping the audience and common man in mind.

Numerous aspects of such a product are often obvious to the design team, and they often are not visible to the normal user. Without any clear instruction, no one would have any indication or a way to determine how to use what would be a really useful feature.


This post will hopefully give everyone a clear idea of what UX design means and how people can compare good UX to a bad one. It has also shown the impact it can actually have on firms and their products too.



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