Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2022 in a Few Simple Steps

QuickBooks is a highly efficient financial management software that innumerable accounts worldwide use. Every year Intuit upgrades QuickBooks and adds new features to it. These features make the software more advanced and help you carry out your accounting tasks. But to gain the most out of the software, you need to upgrade it regularly. If you find any glitches in the working of the software, you can use a utility like QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub. But most errors get resolved if you update your version of QuickBooks timely. This article will let you know how to update all versions of QuickBooks Desktop to the most current release, that is, QuickBooks 2022.  

Find If Your QB Desktop Needs an Update or Not

It may be possible that your software doesn’t require an update. To find if this is the case you can find if QuickBooks is already updated or not.

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Now hit the F2 key. It will launch the ‘Product Information’ window.
  • Here you can view your QuickBooks version and its release. 
  • Now just verify whether you have the latest QB release.

Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2022

Before upgrading the software, ensure that every user has logged out of the company file. Now, use the steps below.  

  • Launch the 2022 program on the desktop.
  • Open the company file by clicking the ‘File’ menu.
  • After opening the company file, click ‘Next.’
  • If you;ve a backup company file and not a company file, choose to restore a backup copy.
  • Now, tap the button, ‘Local Backup.’
  • You can now browse the computer for the company file.
  • Tap the selected file and click ‘Open.’
  • Now, sign into the company file as an administrator.
  • Hit the ‘Update Now’ option. It is at the bottom right part of the update window.
  • This will commence the process of company file upgrade.
  • You will see a progress bar below.
  • After the update ends, a window will appear.
  • Here, click on ‘Done.’
  • You have updated your software successfully.

What Benefits Do You Get by Upgrading QuickBooks?

There are various advantages of upgrading to QuickBooks 2022. Here are some crucial ones.  

  • Users benefit from a higher computing power. Perform accounting tasks quickly with 64-bit computing power. 
  • You can pay bills online via Milio present in QuickBooks.
  • Easily customize the stubs of email vendor bill payments. 
  • You can upload vendor invoices through your mobile.
  • Automatically make bills for review. 
  • Streamline payment methods by incorporating various invoices into one email. 
  • Attach documents to QB via your mobile.
  • QuickBooks payment account users can make instant deposits.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading QuickBooks to the current 2022 version will let you access all its new functionalities. You can access automatic payment statements dispatch, personalized payment receipts, and others. To resolve any technical glitch, you can make use of the QuickBooks Tool Hub functionality. If you need more assistance, talk to expert QB technical support professionals.