Usage of Custom Teeth Whitening Kits

Most people put off trying to make their smiles brighter and better. There are many different teeth-whitening kits that can help you change the color of your teeth in as little as 30 minutes. At, we have a wide range of kits for anyone who wants their smile to look better.

An innovative Custom Teeth Whitening Kits business model gets rid of inefficiencies at the dentist and gives you savings. To find the right package for you, all you have to do is choose how much whitening gel you want and how sensitive your teeth are.

T9 NON-SENSITIVE SYSTEM (heavy stains) 

Perfect for teeth that are more stained. Not sensitive by nature . Often drinks coffee, tea, or wine. May smoke. Wants the best value on maintenance gel. Perfect for customers all over the world. You’ll get custom-fitted trays and 27 top and bottom applications of whitening gel.

T6 NON-SENSITIVE SYSTEM (average stains)

Perfect for teeth that aren’t too bad. Not sensitive by nature. Occasionally drinks coffee, tea, or wine. You’ll get custom-fitted trays and 18 top and bottom applications of whitening gel.

T3 NON-SENSITIVE SYSTEM (light stains)

Great for teeth with light stains. Not sensitive by nature. Has turned white before. Doesn’t drink coffee, tea, or wine very often. Does not smoke. You’ll get custom-fitted trays and 9 top and bottom applications of whitening gel.

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When you are afraid to show your big, beautiful smile because of stains or discoloration, it can hurt your self-esteem, your relationships, and even your ability to do well at work. With custom-fit whitening mouth trays and high-quality gel bleach, our teeth whitener can bring back your bright smile so you can feel more like yourself every time you walk out the door.

The reservoirs in the professional teeth bleaching trays for the whole mouth are made in a lab. So that the bleaching process works as well as possible, reservoirs let more bleaching gel get in touch with the teeth. The good thing about custom whitening trays is that you can use them for many years and touch them up as needed. Custom whitening trays are different from other ways to whiten your teeth because they allow the gel to bubble and get into the cracks of your teeth.

What’s better about custom?

Complete Coverage of Teeth: Unlike whitening strips or generic whitening trays, our custom whitening trays fit around your teeth perfectly, so your whole smile is covered.

Less is more: Most teeth-whitening trays require you to fill them with gel, but with our custom trays, you only need a small amount of gel because it foams up and fills in the spaces between your teeth. 

Safer for Your Gums: With patented, which makes a perfect mold, custom whitening trays will help protect your gums from irritation and pain. This makes sure that the fit is the best it can be and that more gel stays on your teeth and less on your gums.

“Is it really going to work?”

We hear this question a lot from people who have had bad experiences with other online custom whitening trays. We could tell you how great our dental products are, but we’d rather have REAL customers talk about how inexpensive our whitening trays are. 

You will get the following with your order:

  • 3 Sets of printing materials (1 spare)
  • 2 impression trays and return bags that can be changed.
  • 1 Booklet of instructions with the return form
  • 1 Return label with postage already paid (domestic orders only)
  • You will get one set of upper and lower bleaching trays with reservoirs and a storage case in your return package.
  • 2 ml of a bleaching gel with 35% carbamide peroxide (20-25 treatments)
  • 1 Card with instructions and a Shade Guide


100% Guaranteed to Make You Happy.

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