Use of Telemedicine Technologies in the Healthcare Sector

Use of Telemedicine Technologies in the Healthcare Sector

Visiting hospitals for every small need can be challenging as well as costly. For such people who are living far away from the hospital, it becomes difficult to travel so far to meet the doctors. Also, the era of COVID-19 pandemic is going on, where people are bound to follow social distancing, with less interaction with each other. Not following these rules can be risky and attract the dangerous coronavirus. Doctors are continuously taking care of Corona patients. This has resulted in their own lives being at high risk. Telemedicine has been the best possible way by which chances of viruses getting into each other have been reduced.

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As per the report from BIS Research, the market value of telemedicine for the world is expected to reach new heights, approx. $123 billion by the end of the coming year, 2030.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a word taken from Greek and Latin. The word “Tele” comes from Greek which means distance, and “Mederi” which means to get healed, is a word from Latin. It was an experiment that was thought of by many. Today this experiment has turned into reality, and one of the major reasons behind this is the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. Telemedicine is a great way for the doctors to do less physical interaction with the patients and pass on the information. In this, doctors pass the required information from their computer screen to the patient’s computer screen in real-time. This technology has made the life of patients easier. As of now, they do not need to wait in the long queues for their appointments. Instead, they can get connected to any of the doctors from their own house through telemedicine applications. People living in rural areas have been benefited the most. Now, they can also get access to top-quality doctors without moving anywhere from their area.

Today, the world is fighting the deadly coronavirus. Telemedicine, along with the development of clinical trial management software, has become an important and most efficient asset for the world’s healthcare industry. People that have got infected with the virus can use this technology and get connected to the doctor without coming to the hospitals to get the treatments. The market for telemedicine has started to grow at a rapid pace in every country, owing to the ease of connectivity offered by telemedicine.  As per BIS research, “The market for Telemedicine in India was valued at Rs. 380.22 crores( approx $ 5 billion) in the year 2019, and it is expected to reach Rs 1765.56 crores( approx $23 billion)  by the end of 2025.

Telemedicine technology benefits:

The constantly evolving medical sector has made the integration of telemedicine possible today, owing to which people are now able to reap various benefits. One does not need to visit the doctor regularly as there is always an option where one can connect to the doctor and get the required information and treatments with the help of telemedicine.


  • Telemedicine has played a major role in providing better control over the spread of coronavirus. This technology has resulted in the less physical attraction of the virus among the patients. People have stopped paying frequent visits to hospitals frequently until and unless there is a situation of an emergency.
  • Telemedicine ensures a better assessment of the disease and situation. For example, if one has been infected with an allergy, the doctor can check one’s home’s surroundings and get a better idea of one’s situation.
  • Telemedicine can help in establishing better family connections. In many families, the members live far away. So, with the help of this virtual platform, doctors can connect the other members as well who wish to get a note of the patient’s disease and take the required steps.
  • The cost of getting an appointment or connecting to any doctor is low in comparison to visiting the doctor’s place. Telemedicine can be the perfect way to save money.
  • Telemedicine facilitates access to the doctor whenever the patient wants. Newborn babies often suffer from sudden pain and fever. In such scenarios, one can connect with the doctor at midnight and get the required information, as well as a prescription from them.


The demand for telemedicine technology witnessed a sudden boost because of the COVID-19. Today, no one wants to visit the hospitals in the current ongoing situation until and unless an emergency occurs. Telemedicine has provided the best way to reach out to the doctors and get the possible information without going out of your place. It has reduced the chances of people getting infected with the virus by reducing the need for physical interaction.

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