USPS Looking at Sensor Technology for Mail Tracking 


The sensor technology creates a practical approach for mail service companies to provide customers with real-time data on the movement of their items. The U.S. Postal Service announced a Request for Information to all technology companies able to deliver these tracking requirements. Here is all about the expected USPS sensor technology for mail tracking and the system’s benefits.

What is Sensor Technology in Mail Tracking?

The modern way of managing and controlling product shipment is through sensor technologies. It involves using sensor devices to detect the current location of an item and other environmental variables like light exposure, temperature, and relative humidity. These devices communicate wirelessly to the principal, who then provides the information to all involved parties.

In mail tracking, the sensor technology ensures package delivery to a post office near you. It guarantees the customer real-time and accurate information on the progress of your parcel and other relevant details. The ideal sensor technology for USPS should use RF communication protocols like RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Near Field Communication.

USPS to Consider Sensor Technology to Optimize Mail Tracking

USPS is among the many postal services globally considering implementing sensor technology to improve their mail handling processes. They are currently performing a market survey to help evaluate and obtain the ideal company to contract the matter.

The primary aim for USPS implementing this modern technology is to track items as they progress through the USPS network and provide the information to customers. Their expectation is a tracking device that you can place on or within a package that offers location-tracking functions and allows tracking data collection.

The system must have a user-friendly interface to help collect, interpret and analyze the information for improved visibility. Other sensor technology features that would interest USPS include temperature and stock monitoring to help gather additional data.

Are There Benefits to Implementing Sensor Technology for Mail Tracking?

Increased Productivity

The primary benefit of implementing technological advancements in any industry is to increase productivity. Sensor technologies in mail tracking allow fleet tracking, which helps identify critical problems in your network. The system covers all business processes, which helps streamline activities across the organization.

Real-time tracking is one of the reasons why you get to increase productivity. For USPS, these systems help monitor employees who underperform and make wrong clocking times by filing false time claims. OMCH offers a wide range of sensors that may be compatible with the needs of delivery companies like USPS.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Sensor technology for mail tracking also helps improve customer satisfaction by providing real-time package information. It also reduces response time and improves overall productivity. Recent research showed a 54% improvement in customer satisfaction thanks to companies adopting a sensor technology for tracking.

USPS expects to increase customer satisfaction by providing current and accurate information about their deliveries to the respective individuals. The system guarantees to deliver your product’s shipping information as it progresses through every stage.

Reduced Costs

Labor and fuel are among the most necessary expenses in every company dealing with delivery services. Mail delivery companies need a hands-on workforce to help package the items and drivers to deliver. You can control these costs by implementing a system that allows real-time tracking to help reduce idle time and optimize the entire process.

Some of these sensor technology systems have advanced features that allow you to monitor more than just the package location and condition. By implementing the system, USPS will have a better chance to track the costs incurred in every delivery and make the appropriate corrective decision to reduce them.

Helps Mitigate Theft

Sensor technology systems in mail tracking involve tracking devices for the delivered products. The system provides real-time monitoring, which means you will get an alert if anybody tampers with the package or when in a restricted area.

Mail delivery companies like USPS find the sensor technology for mail tracking ideal since it helps provide round-the-clock coverage of their packages. In case something happens, the information captured by the tracking devices can help the authorities to locate the packages accurately.

Optimized Routing

Routing is crucial when delivering products, so you need to identify the most effective route to make your deliveries every time. A sensor technology system will help optimize your routes and eliminate manual route planning, which is time-consuming. The system also focuses on all the variables like weather conditions, road closures, and traffic bottlenecks for complete route optimization.


There are dozens of reasons why USPS requires sensor technology to optimize their mail tracking. The essence of their RFI on sensor technology providers is to seek supplier information on the tracking technology available. If interested, you should submit a response that includes potential solutions, marketing materials, and accurate answers to the requested information.