Wage Garnishment Lawyer Near Me

Wage Garnishment Lawyer Near Me

Understanding Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is a legal process where a part of an individual’s salary is withheld by their employer to pay the employee’s debts to the creditors — the individual or institution they owe money. Wage garnishment is usually only used when the debtor is severely behind on their debts because it is, after all, quite a harsh repercussion.

This legal process starts when the creditor decides to file an order of the court for the debtor to pay a specific amount of money that they owe to them. The garnishment can be used to gather the money owed to the creditor via a judgment. The employer who’s holding the money has to notify the debtor that the wage garnishment is about to start before proceeding to provide the creditor money. This process usually continues until the debt is fully paid off. It is also worth taking note that debtors have the right to file an objection to the garnishment with the court or settle a payment plan to stop the garnishment from the debtor’s income.

If you have unsettled financial responsibilities, your creditor could potentially file a wage garnishment against you. If you are looking for good and reliable Wage Garnishment Lawyers near you, Coast One Tax Group provides legal services for any tax-related or wage garnishment problem that you might be facing right now.

What do Wage Garnishment Lawyers do?

If you are having a hard time keeping up with everything because of the reduced income from wage garnishments or from the threat of it, you should probably seek legal advice as soon as possible. Just like any legal situation, you don’t have to face this matter alone. A well-versed wage garnishment lawyer could be able to lessen or even eliminate wage garnishments that you are currently dealing with. The earlier you seek legal help, the fewer problems you will have to deal with due to wage garnishments.

Negotiating a wage garnishment settlement is be possible even without the help of a lawyer. Still, people underestimate how hard it is to get into the process with the help of a wage garnishment lawyer. Your chances of the situation might just improve significantly. In addition to that, wage garnishment lawyers can help put you in a better position against the creditor through a settlement.

Wage garnishment lawyers provide services to people in need regarding wage garnishments. The service you might need largely depends on your specific situation. You could seek legal help from either bankruptcy lawyers or debt settlement lawyers for possible solutions to your wage garnishment problem.

Wage garnishment lawyers can help you file responses to the complaints of the creditor trying to garnish your salary. In the case that you lose your case against them, an experienced wage garnishment lawyer can help you lessen or even get rid of the specific amount that you owe to the creditors. The wage garnishment lawyer will also help you by reviewing all the agreements and correspondence with the creditors; here, your lawyer can find issues such as fraud, evidence of identity theft, and any violations of statutes of limitations that could help your case in the long run. This task is the best for a consumer lawyer. A consumer lawyer will guarantee that the creditor in question has followed and will always follow crucial laws such as the FDCPA or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which prohibits all collection tactics that would classify as harassment. In most scenarios, lawyers will offer you a free legal consultation to know which best course of action would be the best for your needs.

How to get rid of a Wage Garnishment

There are multiple ways to get rid of a wage garnishment that you’ve gotten. With the help of your wage garnishment lawyers, you will have to decide which best course of action you are going to proceed with. This could either be debt relief operations or through the process of bankruptcy.

Debt Relief Operations

Wage Garnishment Lawyers can help sort through your debt relief operation process. Before the creditor can start garnishing your salary, they have first to acquire a judgment; this excludes debts from specific agencies such as the internal revenue services or the IRS and child support agencies. One of the best ways to avoid garnishment and the court is to settle the situation with the creditor in question and work out a debt settlement plan before the case even goes to trial, or it is much better to reach a settlement before the creditor even files a lawsuit against you and be granted a judgment. In the case that you lose your case against the creditor, and your income gets garnished by them, your wage garnishment lawyer will guarantee that the creditors wouldn’t take more than what they could legally take from your income. Your wage garnishment lawyer will transparently calculate the maximum possible amount that a creditor can take from your salary.

Bankruptcy Process

If bankruptcy is the best course of action for you to manage all of the debts you have incurred, through the help of a bankruptcy lawyer, you will understand the process, and they will help you go through it. Bankruptcy can possibly fall under two chapters of Bankruptcy; If the situation falls under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is going to be a relatively quick process. This process could take anywhere between four to six months, but in most bankruptcy cases, which are classified as non-dischargeable debts, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a more appropriate process. The process involves a settlement of a payment plan which could possibly last anywhere between thirty-six to sixty months. This is a great option if your bankruptcy case won’t fall under Chapter 7. Nevertheless, a bankruptcy lawyer will help you decide whichever chapter to proceed to that is best suited for your needs.

Coast One Tax Group

Based in Encino, California, USA, Coast One Tax Group handles cases seeking to reduce their tax liabilities and resolve any tax matters with the IRS and State Taxing Agencies. They are a tax relief firm that is composed of Tax Lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, Accountants, and enrolled agents who assist individuals such as taxpayers, corporations, associations, and small businesses to resolve any of their tax-related problems. Coast One Tax Group has an ” A+“ rating from the Better Business Bureau and five-star ratings in both Google and Trust Link. On average, their clients who filed for Offer in Compromise successfully saved 93% or more in their taxes. Their services include; Tax resolution, Tax preparation, Tax negotiation, Tax lien withdrawal, Tax audit representation, and other tax-related concerns. 

They have been one of the top-rated tax relief companies since 2008. Given their track record and longevity, Coast One Tax Group guarantees to give their clients the best course of action with the help of their experts and provide the best service that they can for their clients. If you ever need legal advice to sort out your wage garnishment problem or any other legal tax-related problems, look no further and get in touch with Coast One Tax Group to schedule your free legal consultation today.