Want To Rank Higher On Google Searches? Use Local Keywords to Be Ahead In the Game

Want To Rank Higher On Google Searches? Use Local Keywords to Be Ahead In the Game

Learning the trick to pick the right keywords to increase your local search ranking can be a game-changer for your business. In a survey, it has been seen that 76% of the people tend to visit the local business within a day of searching for them on their smartphones. And nearly 30% (approx) of these searches turn into a purchase. It shows how powerful a local keyword search and local SEO can be. So, it’s all about choosing the right keywords among all the other competitive keywords related to the same industry. The customer is the king. Every step you take for the benefit of your business must be done by keeping the target customers in mind. So, you have to think of a way that will help your consumers in finding the local business on Google or other search engines. So, how are you going to start? Read on to know the answer or speak an expert from Online Impact 360.

Local Keyword Research

The first thing you need to find out is which search inquiries are reaping the best results. Depending on this information, you can optimize your website. It will help people to find your business effortlessly. You can then engage yourself in finding the other relevant keywords.

For example, if your jewelry shop is already ranking well for ‘jewelry shop Boston’, then you can work on other keyword searches like ‘best unique jewelry store in Boston’, or ‘best jewelry shop in Boston’. So, you should always try and improve your search results for other related terms and phrases to reach more potential customers.

How to conduct the research?

Tools like Semrush and Google’s Keyword Planner are helpful and allow you to know about the search volume data of your locality. But you should always try to expand the search results by including nearby and distinct locations. For instance, many people are most likely to search with words like ‘jewelry shop in Boston Massachusetts’. You should take these into account too.

Also, try to keep an eye on what moves your competitors are opting for to rank better in local searches. You can find out by placing the URL of their website page in the Google Keyword Planner, and you will get an idea of the keywords Google is associating with their business. Likewise, you too should be targeting these keywords to gain prominence in the market.

How to pick and use the local keywords

A few years back when we used to type to search for something using the search engines, it yielded the same results for adjoining places or states. But now things have changed. Google has taken more of a local-centric approach in ranking the search results. It enlists the relevant businesses near to the location of the person. That has helped the local businesses to thrive well.

Now let’s have a look at how you can pick the right keywords by this three-step approach.

Take maximum advantage of the industry-related keywords

The first important thing for you to do would be to identify the frequently and generally used terms and phrases related to your business. Identify the terms people are using while describing your products and services. Try to think from their perspective and try to guess what they are likely to type to search for products similar to yours. Prepare a list of those relevant terms. This list will serve as a basic framework for your main search of the keywords.

Let’s say, for example, for a jewelry shop, your search may contain words like:

  • Wedding ring collection
  • Diamond rings
  • Watches and jewelry
  • Engagement rings
  • Custom jewelry Boston

Look for keyword modifiers

People will surely use words to modify their searches. You need to identify them too. Usually, modifiers would be those words that we use to describe the things we search for in Google like –

  • Best
  • Nearby
  • Unique
  • Custom-made

Research Local Keywords

Consider all your working locations. Also, focus on the places from where you get most of your customers. Include those places while creating a blog or content for your company’s website. If you offer delivery services, then don’t forget to mention the names of those areas, cities, towns, etc.

Tips on how to remain ahead in the game of local keyword searches 

It’s a forever-changing world.  The same goes for search engine operations. Here are some of the tried and tested tricks that have yielded good results in helping a business rank well in SEOs.

  • Make use of Google My Business

Use this free tool to manage your online presence across Google. It includes both searches and maps. Register in Google My Business. It will help potential customers to find you without much effort. You can include information like contact details, link to your website, opening and closing times of your shop, etc.

  • Prepare content with a local focus

Area-based and informative content is crucial for any business to make its presence felt in the digital world. They can be looked at as promotional or informative content that helps in judging the industry trends. Create something that will help the locals to find what they want.

  • Citations

Citations are considered a key component of any SEO strategy. Links and brand mentions add legitimacy to your business. The more the people will cite you, the more prominence you are likely to gain.

  • Reviews

When we intend to buy something or avail a particular service, we first do a Google search to check what the past customers have to say about that brand or service. So, encourage your satisfied customers to share their experiences with your business. Likewise, also remember, a negative review can harm you substantially.

  • Monitoring of Results

Monitor the results of all the efforts of the techniques that you are employing to improve the search rankings. Or else, you would never understand which methods are helping you in actuality. Many tools are available that enable you to track the performance of the target keywords.


Hopefully, this article has shed some light on how you can improve the rank in SEOs using local keyword searches. They will help you immensely to attain visibility among the consumers as they would know how to find you at the time of their need.

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