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Want to transfer, manage, and back up all your iPhone content from one handy place? Just use AnyTrans!

No one doubts the importance of smartphones in our lives today, in the iPhone we store a lot of data, documents and, most importantly, memories. Losing them all through carelessness is not something pleasant and for that reason it is highly recommended to make a backup copy of all the information on our devices. Transferring WhatsApp files from one device to another is very important, for example from an Android device to an Apple device.

Android device to an Apple device

Without special tools, the transfer process can be convoluted, such as:

– On your Android device, open WhatsApp and click ‘Settings’.

– Click ‘Chats’ then ‘Chat History’.

– Click ‘Export Chat’ and select a WhatsApp contact

– You can choose whether the process will include the media in backup or not.

– Select Gmail and select the recipient’s email.

– Click send and restore messages that you transferred on your iPhone device.

You might think you can use WhatsApp backup, unfortunately the ecosystem of the two devices is very different.

Apple offers its own backup services, but they aren’t perfect, especially if you don’t have extra space on iCloud. For this reason, tools like AnyTrans appear that make local backups on our computer that will always be available to us.

Using AnyTrans has many advantages, including the possibility of making backup copies automatically and without cables, also being able to manage copies of Android devices or access various services in the cloud, including iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.

The best thing about AnyTrans is that it backs up many things, including WhatsApp chats and files and many other social networks and applications. This is perfect not only to keep many essential files or photos for everyone, but it is essential if we change devices.


In the context of message transfer, the most useful feature of AnyTrans is the Social Messages Manager. Through this feature, AnyTrans supports message backup from various social media, not only WhatsApp. LINE, and Viber are also supported.


Here are the steps for transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS device:

1. Download AnyTrans for iOS on PC. Install and launch. It may take you a few minutes to do that.

2. On the left panel you will see the option ‘Social Messages Manager‘. Click on that.

3. Now connect the iOS device to your computer with a data cable. In the interface click on WhatsApp. You will see 4 kinds of options; backup, restore, iPhone to iPhone, and Android to iPhone. In this case we will transfer data from Android to iPhone.

Now connect your Android device. Click Next.

5. If the connection is successful, you will find the name of your Android device on the screen. Click Next.

Now make a backup of WhatsApp chats (on Android device).

Then you will see some simple instructions. Follow these instructions until you have successfully transferred the chats to your iOS device.

The other features are as follows:

Phone Switcher

1.Phone Switcher

This feature is not a backup feature but a feature to transfer data directly from Google Drive, AnyTrans Backups or iTunes to an iPhone device.
2. Media Downloader

With the Media Downloader feature, you can download your favorite music or videos WITHOUT ADS to your iOS device or computer directly.

3.Online HEIC Converter

With this Online HEIC Converter feature, you can convert HEIC images and live photos to other formats that are more compatible with the device you are using.



AnyTrans is a powerful software to transfer content from non-iOS devices to iOS devices. Transferring data between operating systems has never been easier.

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