WARZONE: How to win Warzone Verdansk ’84 Gulag: Tips and strategies guide


If you’re a Call of Duty Warzone player, congratulations! Because the new season has brought some extra awesomeness for you. With the latest update, this game has brought Verdansk ’84 map along with a Gulag layout. It is an innovative version of the Verdansk 1980s Warzone map.

If you have no idea about this new map, it will be tough to win the battles there. But we will help you figure out this unchartered territory. You can click here to see Battlelog’s Warzone hack in action. Plus, we also have the following tips and tricks for you to ace the game.

Landing on terraces

Landing on the terrace of buildings in Warzone Verdansk is touted as a great option. But be careful because spawns are too quick to reach there. If you’re unlucky, you will encounter an enemy as soon as you get there.

However, remember that reaching the top can help you to attack the enemy easily. Your enemy might choose to walk on the street towards the tank side. Being at the top, you will get a bird’s eye view, making it easier for you to attack. So while there’s a slight risk involved in landing on terraces, the reward is worth it.


Summit is a new location in the Verdansk remake of the map. In this, the dimension of the dam space has been increased.

This is why the players get the chance to accumulate the highest number of loots. It’s a perfect touchdown point when you have money for loadout and can carry the weight of your looted objects. So try landing at the summit for a better start to your game.

Verdansk Airport

This is another new addition to the map. It has been made especially for ground war and is ideal for 32 vs. 32 matches.

It’s an excellent place for landing and looting. In the airport, you have access to the second floor as well. Here, you can explore spots like three hangers, the control tower complex, and the main terminal for exclusive loot.

Using Best Oden Loadout Attachments and Perks

Oden rules in the Warzone by providing the longest sight. After the fireplace charge, it becomes potent.

It’s a fantastic beast for gaining an edge over your competition as compared to other rifles. For beginners, gaining control over it might be difficult, but pro gamers can handle it without hassle.


Loadout Attachments

You can add these loadout attachments for empowering your character – Colossus suppressor, Oden manufacturing unit 730mm barrel, VLK 3.0X OPTIC, commando foregrip underbarrel, and 30 spherical mags ammunition.

  • VLK3.0x Optic serves the highest scope by giving good visibility in any range, which facilitates aiming.
  • Colossus suppressor increases efficiency and helps in recoil management. This silencer enhances bullet velocity and will not appear while firing from the minimap.
  • Commando Foregrip is for improving recoil management.
  • For the fast killing of enemies even before reloading, 30 spherical maps are the best.


Players must select the following perks- double time, overkill/ghosts, and amped to gain an edge over opponents.

  • Double time allows to perform tactical dash and sliding below the walk
  • With overkill, you can get two weapons for ghosting out of the following loadout.
  • Amped lets you tweak the weapons faster.

Downtown Tavorsk District

This map is fully urban-based, with the presence of many skyscrapers and tall buildings. So the gunfights here are pretty smooth. So the map is appropriate for rooftop campers.

If you’re worried about how you’ll travel, transportation is available with SUVs and helicopters. So the next time you try your hands at Verdansk, make sure to explore the Tavorsk district for an exciting game.


The above game strategies and tips will assist you in winning the battles of WARZONE Verdansk ‘84. Of course, the best way to master the game is by playing it regularly and exploring a range of maps and areas. Remember, the more risks you take while starting out, the better you’ll become later. So keep practicing, and use hacks when you need a little push to win. And don’t forget to comment down your own Verdansk ‘84 Gulag strategies below.



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