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US Open 2021; Favorite Players and How to Download ESPN Plus Offline

Sitting with a cup of coffee and watching a favorite match is one of the most cherished leisure times if you are a sports lover. But it is not always possible to watch our favorite sports live due to our professional involvement or other reasons. Download ESPN Plus offline and watch the video at leisure time is one of the top questions you will find on google today.

Here, in this article, we will discuss how you can download from ESPN Plus and watch offline if you miss any match. How can an external downloader software, KeepStream ESPN Plus Downloader, help you download videos of games from ESPN Plus and save them on your device to watch later.

The US Open 2021 has already started, and we all are assuming who will win this oldest championship. Let us discuss.

US Open 2021 (August 24, 2021 to September 12, 2021)


One of the most prestigious tournaments in tennis, the US Open is also known as the oldest championship in tennis, started in 1881. At first, it was a men’s tournament only. At the Newport Casino in Newport, in August 1881, the first tournament was held. This championship was also known as the US National Singles Championship for men.

The first US Women’s National Singles Championships were held at the Philadelphia Cricket Club in 1887. Then, the Mixed Doubles and Men’s Doubles were held one after another.

Now, coming to this year’s tournament. After winning Wimbledon in July, the third straight vital win, Novak Djokovic was on the verge of making history with the “Golden Slam”, only achieved by Steffi Graf in 1988, if he managed to win the gold medal in Tokyo olympic and will win the trophy in New York.

But, he lost the golden glory in Tokyo and withdrew himself from the bronze-medal mixed doubles match due to a shoulder injury. He has not been able to play any matches since.

Novak Djokovic has the chance to win and complete the calendar Grand Slam at the US Open and can become a part of five other big names in the singles game to accomplish the achievement. As Federer and Nadal, Djokovic’s two greatest rivals, will be absent from this tournament, all the eyes are on Novak Djokovic now.

There are many names as favorites on the women’s side this time. Ashleigh Barty’s name is coming to the top of them, but Naomi Osaka, Simona Halep, Bianca Andreescu, Aryna Sabalenka are also there.

Two-time champion of the US Open, Naomi Osaka, will be back again in the US Open this year after her absence at the French Open and Wimbledon due to mental health issues. She won the Australian Open and has the record of winning the past two Grand Slam titles on hard courts.

Tennis lovers, the fight has already begun. Search for the schedule in ESPN Plus. ESPN Plus app is there, and you can watch the matches from any corner of the world. If you miss any match due to internet problems or any other issues, you can download it later also. Keep on reading, and we will discuss every minute details regarding ESPN Plus.

How can we download from ESPN Plus? Can we watch offline?

We can download videos of games through the ESPN app and can watch them offline.

The ESPN Plus app is available to download for iOS and Android users. It was launched in 2018.


You will also have access to ESPN Plus Originals, like top-ranked ESPN Plus’ 30 for 30 documentary series, and Detail: From the Mind of Kobe Bryant.

You can follow the process to download any videos from ESPN Plus app as mentioned below.

  1. The ESPN app is available on Apple’s app store and the Google Play store.
  2. Launch the app and go to the “Settings” tab at the top right corner.
  3. Sign in to your ESPN account.
  4. After signing in, go back to the home screen and tap on the ESPN+ at the bottom to go to the ESPN Plus streaming service.
  5. The app is very easy to handle. On the top, the first row, there are live games and matches. On the second line, there are popular shows, upcoming games, and episodes of original shows. A search bar is also available at the top, and you can use it if you want to search for any particular game.
  6. You can see a download icon on the right-hand side of the show you want to download. If there is no such icon, then the content is not available to download. You need to tap the download icon to begin downloading.
  7. There is a “Download” button also available on the menu. Go inside this to check which videos are available to download for offline watch.
  8. After the download is completed, you can access it from your ESPN+ library.

The Limitations of Download ESPN Plus Offline

ESPN Plus still has not announced any restrictions on downloading games or matches. So you can download and watch your favorite games without any limitations. There are no limitations on the number of videos to download and keep them in your ESPN Plus app library.

You can download the entire 30 for 30 documentary series and the “Detail: From the Mind of Kobe Bryant” and watch them offline, but all games or tournaments are not available to download. You cannot download even the replays.

An external downloader software can help you out in this regard. Let us discuss.

KeepStream Downloader Software will Help you to Download and Watch Your Favorite Title Offline


We are mostly dependent upon the OTT channels for entertainment nowadays. We are keen to watch the new movies releasing on the online streaming channels now and we are also fascinated to watch old classics. The Original series of different channels can able to catch special attention from us. Besides movies and series, we also love to watch live streaming of our favorite sports. But due to other involvements, we are not able to watch our favorite things live. We need to download them and keep them handy to watch later. Using KeepStream downloader software, we can download anything from several top OTT channels and keep them saved on our devices to watch them later.

KeepStream ESPN Plus Downloader, The Best Support for A Sports Lover


Try KeepStream ESPN Plus Downloader to download ESPN Plus offline and watch your favorite sports, your country’s win, or your favourite club’s matches. It is not necessary that if we miss any game, then we only need to download the video, but we want to see the matches again and again if our favorite cricketer, football player or tennis player did something exceptional. Keep on reading, and we will discuss the key features of this downloader.

Main Features of the KeepStream ESPN Plus Downloader

High download speed:

KeepStream ESPN Plus downloader will download in the high-speed mode so that you will get the video you selected to download in a few minutes.

Superb picture and audio quality:

This software gives you the essence of watching any sport in front of your eyes. You will be super excited to see crystal clear picture quality and listen to the actual sound from the field. You can download and watch any video in 1080p and also can adjust the resolution as per requirements. The 5.1 AAC stereo soundtrack supported audio will give you an on-the-field experience.

Subtitle and metadata:

You can select your native language from the settings for subtitles. Meta info like players’ names, tournament names, scores, how much to win, etc., all you can save in your preferred language.

Batch downloading:

As discussed earlier, you can download all the episodes of your favorite web series at a time at high speed. This feature is called the batch downloading facility, which is available on KeepStream ESPN Plus Downloader.

Commercial break free watch:

Being sports lovers, we can understand how irritating to watch ads again and again during a crucial moment of the game. While watching offline, you will not be bothered by any ad breaks after downloading any video through KeepStream ESPN Plus Downloader.

Affordable Subscription

You can enjoy all these features of the KeepStream ESPN Plus Downloader at a very reasonable price. Please visit for more details.

Detailed Installation Process

KeepStream ESPN Plus Downloader has a simple user interface and is very easy to install. With the following steps, you can easily install it on your device.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the KeepStream Downloader by Keepvid and download the software from there. Run the installer on your device. After completing the installation setup, launch the application and browse for the “ESPN Plus”. Tap on the icon of the ‘ESPN Plus’ to open it.


Step 2: Login with login details for your ESPN account and browse for the matches or web series you want to download for offline watch.


Step 3: Select the language of subtitles and metadata before starting the download.


Step 4: Next, tap on the download button to start downloading. If the selected match is part of any tournament, this downloader software will automatically download all the following games.

The whole installation and download will take very little time, and you can download and enjoy your favorite matches without any hesitation.

KeepStream Downloader Software Supports Other Top OTT Platforms

You can download movies, web series, and originals from several top OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or whatever names come to your mind. There will be unlimited downloading and sharing facility with high-speed download and theatre-like video and audio quality. Please visit to know more.


If for any reason you are feeling low, please try watching your favorite sport or a game of your favorite sports personality, your mood will change drastically, and you will feel a lot better. Just use the technology for offline watches available on your mobile or tab. KeepStream Downloader by Keepvid offers you the ultimate live experience while watching offline matches.

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