Ways to Grow and Expand Your Resale Shop

POS system

When you envision the ideal size of your resale shop, you may realize that you still have some growing to do before you reach what you see in your mind. Understanding what your customers want and how to get the best items available is often a challenge when dealing with resale items. When expanding your shop and trying to nurture a larger crowd of customers, you may find that following a few tips is helpful.

Get an Effective System With POS Technology

Organizing and growing your thrift store business can seem overwhelming at first since many point-of-sale systems are typically aimed at retail stores. When you need a way to track and pick up the items people donate, you may benefit from a POS system for resale shop. This specially designed POS system allows you to work from anywhere and makes it simple for customers to give rounded-up monetary donations at checkout.

As a resale shop, this system can help you track return donors so that you never miss a drop-off. Keeping track of what items are currently on sale can also make it easier to communicate with customers and find them a deal they will love. With this added attention to customers and the time you will save by having an organized system, you can help encourage store growth.

Search in New Places

Now more than ever, capitalizing on people’s interest in buying from resale shops is key. Making sure you have a wide variety of items to sell when they do decide to visit your store can help you keep them as repeat customers. They may even tell their friends and loved ones if they feel impressed by your service, which can lead to even more sales and a stronger connection to the surrounding community.

People often look for the ability to save money when purchasing household items, so having a variety is a big draw. In order to find more to sell, reach out and discover more sourcing opportunities. Searching around for hidden or local sales, like auctions or flea markets, beyond your usual areas is key when looking for interesting or useful items to sell.

Become Creative

According to the Harvard Business Review, one key way to potentially grow as a company is to sell items in a unique way so that you stand out in the market. Finding new channels that you can use to market your resale shop can make your business feel fresh and exciting to your customers. Utilizing social media is a powerful way to reach further and get feedback from people who often visit your shop.

Leaning into trends you see online may also help you showcase the relevancy of your resale shop to people who have never heard of it before. Not only is it important to get new customers, but you should also nurture those who simply like your store so that they begin to love it. Staying creative with how you advertise your resale shop and fixing any issues or business choices that turn people away are both ways to grow as a shop.

Organize Your Listings

Since a resale shop may have many different kinds of items, including clothing, being specific about how you categorize items can greatly impact how enjoyable it is to shop at your store. Grouping certain items by size, color or manufacturer can save you time and energy. It can also give customers an easier way to find exactly what they are looking for.

You may even want to take a few minutes to describe what someone can use the item for or what kind of event a person could wear it to. These descriptions can catch the attention of someone who may envision themselves using it or wearing it. The more they see how useful it could be in their life, the more likely it is that they may purchase it on the spot.

Thriving in Resale Is Possible

When your goal is to expand your resale business, paying close attention to how you market and organize your stock can make a bigger difference than you first imagine. Capturing the attention of future customers and growing as you sell more items can put you on the path to success as a resale shop.