Wearing makeup on eczema-prone skin

eczema-prone skin

Eczema is a chronic condition that leads to the appearance of dry patch, which also causes a lot of itching at the site. Alongside causing discomfort, eczema also affects the appearance of the skin. 

The dry patch on the face can be a challenge. Itching too hard can cause the skin to break, which may lead to bleeding and wound formation. Eczema patch also appears slightly discolored as well.

Unfortunately, eczema cannot be cured; the outbreaks can only be managed with the aid of the Best Skin Specialist in Lahore. Therefore, people who have eczema then have to find ways to do makeup around the condition. 

Putting makeup with eczema 

Containing the inflammation 

Perhaps the most salient problem with eczema is its inflammation, that also becomes worse with the scratching. So, before starting makeup, you need to address the inflammation. A quick icing session can be of help. You can skip this step if your eczema is acting kind and polite. 

Apply the moisturizer 

As eczema is made worse due to dehydrated skin, therefore, don’t skip or skimp on this step. Make sure that you use ample moisturizer, and that of good quality. Refrain from using scented ones, as fragrances can irritate the skin. 

Moreover, moisturizer also helps in keeping your skin looking fresh and hydrated. It also improves the texture of the skin, which tends to suffer in eczema. 

Another plus of diligent use of moisturizer is that it helps your skin stay youthful. 

Wear sunscreen 

As Sun exposure can irritate the skin, therefore it is important that you protect your skin against it. So, make sure that you wear SPF. Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen and refresh it after every two hours. 

Primer is good 

Since the appearance of texture on the skin is common with eczema, therefore, you can also use a primer to improve the appearance of the skin. It helps in making the texture even, so that your makeup has a good canvas to begin with. 

Color correction might be needed

If your skin is very red due to a recent episode, you can try to control it by using a color corrector. For to balance out red, you should opt for the green corrector. 

The correct base 

Thick foundation can be too stifling for your skin. It is also rather drying. Hence, unless it is a very formal occasion, skip the foundation. For an everyday routine, you can only apply concealer, or a tinted moisturizer instead. 

Try to avoid pressed powder 

If you have eczema, try to moderate the use of powders. They are drying, as they absorb moisture and oil from the face. Furthermore, powders also add more texture to the skin, which you are already trying to avoid. 

So, instead of powder for foundation, try to go without. Moreover, for blushes and bronzers, go for cream formulas as well. 

Use fingers instead of brushes

Using brushes can exacerbate the symptoms of eczema. The constant movement and friction can cause irritation and make your condition worse. 

So, instead, try to use your fingers for the application of makeup. It is also easier to blend cream-based products with fingers since the heat from the finger pads helps in melting and thus blending the product with greater ease. 

Make sure you properly remove the makeup 

Just as putting the makeup on is to be done with proper care, taking it off properly is also prudent. Make sure that you use a cleanser and makeup remover. Don’t use harsh motion and be gentle with washing. 

Moreover, use a moisturizer immediately after you are done washing your face. 

Seek doctor’s help 

If after doing makeup, your skin is reacting, it may be that you are allergic to a product. Try to find the culprit via trial and error. If your skin is not improving still, then consult the Best Dermatologist in Karachi

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