Web scraping | Everything you need to Know | 2021

Web scraping is the term used for scraping the contents from the web. We daily browse different websites and webpages. Instead of browsing the website and webpage every time from the browser, we can scrape the contents of the web. Any guy with normal or no programming knowledge can also achieve the needs of scarping content.

Nowadays, A lot of free open source and paid modules and APIs are there for web-scraping purposes. Free modules can be overwhelming for a newbie at first. They can try the professional APIs that start with the cheap prices. Using professional API sometimes needs little or no prior knowledge about programming and the web. They have everything set up for you to meet your web scraping need.

What is Web-Scraping?

Web scraping is the act of scarping the contents of a webpage or website through the power of programming or API. Web scraping is done when you need data of different things from one or many webpages in a single place. Web scraping is done to extract and show data in a bot or program. Web scraping is done by data analysts and researchers that play with data.

If you want some data in a well-formatted form in a file, but it’s available over a website. Then Web scraping is for you.

Web scraping can be done by almost any programming language that can interact with the web with any means. But, Python is preferred as the best for the web scrapping purpose. Because it already has premade modules and libraries for web scraping purposes.

Free Scraping

A person with a pretty good knowledge of python programming can try requests and Beautiful Soup library to meet their need for web scrapping. These premade modules and libraries will make your job easier while coding the web scraping code. They are open-source modules built for the Python programming language. So you can get support from any Python community about these modules and libraries. Python programming community is well built and updated on almost any platform. You can find groups or discussion channels about Python on almost any Platform. From Stackoverflow to almost any social media platform. So using python and python libraries, you don’t have to get stuck in a problem for long, A simple search will give you your solution as most of the Python-related issues would have already been solved by the Community.

Premium Scraping

A person with a pretty good programming language can try free and open source modules that are built over python or any programming language. But if you are someone that has no relation with programming, but want to get the web scrapping job done. Then you can try the premium web scraping APIs plans that fit your need. There are many web scraping premium APIs and programs available in the market with different scraping prices. You can get it with a simple google search. No worries :).

Advantages of Premium Scraping over Free Scraping:

  • You have to code everything from scratch while using free or open-source tools. But with premium APIs, everything is set up for you.
  • You can ask support if you get stuck during any process while building it. Whereas in open-source tools, someone has to be free and moody to solve your specific problem.

In this blog, I have forwarded some valid points on what is web scraping, pros, and cons of both free and premium web scraping. It’s your decision to go with any of them. If you are someone with decent or fair programming skills then free and open-source tools can get your job done. But in case you are someone with no or less programming knowledge and only want to get your job done then premiums APIs are the way to go. Check out the decent plans that fit your needs.