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How business operations are run has changed so much over time, thanks to technology. From business communication to finance, human resources, and operations, people have largely embraced technology. In the finance department, things like invoicing have changed. Now, you can create invoices and receive payments online using the WeInvoice free invoice templates. 

Invoices are important to a business because they ensure that you get paid by your client. An invoice is legally enforceable as it provides the details of the services offered to a business and the amount owed.

As a business, you make an Excel invoice with WeInvoice. This will help you track sales and manage your finances. As you write invoices, you are able to track how your business sales change over time, and also, they provide a good basis for making forecasts. 


 Writing invoices also helps you as a business owner to manage your cash flow, since you are able to estimate the average amount of time it takes you to receive payment from your clients.  

Creating invoices also helps eliminate billing questions and this saves you the time that it takes to receive payment.  

Sometimes, your clients want to pay their bill but they have questions about the amount they owe you, how they can reach you, etc. if you send them an invoice, their questions may be answered and they will pay what they owe to your business on time. 

Another benefit of creating invoices for your business is that it creates trust with anyone that interacts with your business. Invoices create a sense of professionalism, and it creates an impression of systems and processes that work. 

This is especially helpful for small businesses that are still trying to establish their presence in the marketplace. Also, for small businesses, invoices will give you some competitive advantage since most small businesses overlook the professional way of doing things. And since an invoice is a form of communication, make sure it is well done and it creates a lasting impression and the best customer experience for your business. 

Another reason why you should create an invoice for your customers is for the legal benefits. Though as a business you are not obliged to issue invoices to your client, you may find yourself in a situation where the client fails to pay you an amount they owe you despite efforts from your side to chase the pay. In this case, the initial invoice will act as proof for the money owed, in a case where you would want to take legal actions against the client. 

Creating invoices for your business also acts as a branding bonus. Marketing is a core business function and to most businesses, marketing is an expensive affair. Every time you have an opportunity to communicate with customers, that forms part of their customer’s experience. Business communication includes the invoices as well. Therefore, you should be keen not to ruin the customer’s experience at this point. For invoices to enhance your branding, you should make sure that their writing is done inconsistent with the rest of the branding such as the company logo, the website, etc. Make sure you also nail the tone of the invoice and the branding, that way, you will indirectly enhance your branding. 

Another reason why you should create an invoice is the organization it brings. Usually, invoices are numbered, thus making it easy to retrieve a transaction. Also, nowadays, you do not have to create a paper invoice that leaves piles of papers to be filed at your desk, and worse still, they may increase the overhead costs as you may require to hire someone to do the filing. 

Online invoicing makes it easy to send an invoice, it helps in preserving the environment since at the end of the day we won’t have papers scattered all over. Also, online invoicing is easily accessible, and you can access any invoice at a tap of a button. Invoicing has become so easy that you have no excuse for running your business unprofessionally. 

Finally, creating an online invoice offers mobility. Traditionally, you had to be in the office or wherever the invoice file is, to access the invoice. Thanks to technology, you can now easily create an invoice and receive payment online on WeInvoice from wherever you are. You only need a device and basic internet. This makes invoicing time-saving and convenient since you can respond to your clients’ queries from wherever you are. 

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