What actions must be completed in an SEO consulting to raise a website’s ranking in Google?

To optimise and raise search engine ranking, the SEO specialist will examine site statistics. She’ll do the following to do this:

  • Internal review. It is the starting point for boosting a website’s placement. The ability to analyse a page from the outside and inside requires the SEO consultant to be knowledgeable in a variety of areas, including HTML and keyword research.
  • Establishing links. In order to consider a link-building strategy that enhances the positioning of the website, the SEO consultant must be able to analyse the links that a web page has, both internal and external, incoming and outgoing.
  • Competitive analysis. A part of an SEO New York consultant’s job is to look at the tactics that rivals are using to find new ways to boost positioning.
  • Promotional activities. Although it is not necessary, a successful SEM campaign must be created by the SEO consultant in the event that it is deemed to be so.
  • Monitoring. All of this is obviously useless if the SEO consultant doesn’t check the results to determine whether the same approach should be continued or changes should be made.

The SEO consultant will require specialised tools to complete all of these tasks, which he must be proficient in using in order to get the desired results. There is no better or worse SEO toolkit, but each consultant prefers to use the ones whose outcomes are the most convincing. The most popular ones include Google Analytics and Google Search Console, as well as semrush or Ahrefs.

What is the typical cost of an SEO consulting service?

Since it depends on a number of variables, including the positioning services that will be provided, there are actually no set prices for SEO consulting. If you only want an audit, you won’t pay the same as if you prefer the professional SEO consultant to oversee all of the necessary actions.

The majority of SEO consultants, whether independent or employed by an agency, typically calculate the total cost of their services during business hours. When requesting quotes, you should be aware that they also take into account other variables, such as the type of project, as it is not the same to work on a web page with a few urls as it is one with hundreds.

Costs for an SEO consultation range from €100 for the simplest aspects to €800–€1000 on average for the most complicated situations. Keep in mind that asking for an audit is not the same as hiring a freelancer or agency to work on your project permanently, or even just for a few months.

Since you will have to determine whether the price they are offering you is justified by the services they will render and the advantages you will receive, it is difficult to define what is expensive or inexpensive. The work performed by a professional SEO, which we have described above, should not be undervalued, but it should also not be assumed that anyone can perform it.


The services of a professional SEO consultant, whether freelance or agency, will help you improve the positioning of your website and achieve more conversions regarding your products or services through well-defined strategies that will later have to be monitored to evaluate the results.

Therefore, you have to be careful when selecting who you are going to put your project in the hands of and make this decision based on experience and track record, leaving rates in second place. As they say, cheap is expensive, but don’t fall into the trap of paying too much money in exchange for promises of immediate success. Use logic and you can benefit from hiring your SEO consultant.