What and how to do PPC testing?

Pay-per-click or PPC has become one of the most popular techniques of online marketing, where advertisers pay a fee each time when their ad is clicked. It is also one of the most expensive campaigning strategies; therefore, you should regularly test your ads. As this has become so popular among the online businessmen, there are so many PPC advertising companies available today where you can get PPC service. But this fact is not known by every PPC users that they should test the PPC ads provided by advertisement companies regularly. That’s why we are here to make you understand the need as well as the process of PPC testing. So, let’s start.

Why do you need PPC testing?

  1. You are paying for those Ads


This is the first and foremost reason for the testing of PPC ads. You have to pay for the PPC service, and we all know that you should know the worth of that you are buying.


  1. PPC ads can’t be changed again and again


PPC ads once published, it should not update or change several times. It could affect engagement. So you should give the final approval only after the testing.


  1. PPC ads are directly related to your marketing


We all know how important these ads are for the growth of marketing. Choosing the right keyword is crucial for your marketing growth. So you must test the PPC ads whether they are perfect or not.


Now we will come to the point, the procedure of PPC testing. Let’s discuss it elaborately.

How to do PPC testing?

There are three preferred methods of testing. We will discuss each of them. Then, you can choose the best suitable method for them.

  1. Drafts and experiments


This is the most used method, which lets you propose and test changes to your PPC AD campaigning. This is a two-pronged method, which includes drafts and experiments.


Drafts help you to create a minor image of your campaign and also let you change the elements you want to change. Once you have created your draft, you can easily do experiments.


Experiments help you measure and understand the results of the changes which you have applied to your PPC. After the completion of the draft setup, you can convert it to an experiment to measure the impact of these changes in your traffic.


  1. Manually-scheduled A/B test


This kind of testing is perfect for the search terms where query composition is important. In such cases, the Drafts and experiments method does not work. Here tests are run alternatively than simultaneously. You have to duplicate the campaign and set a schedule to run it against the original campaign. You should compare traffic and quality score levels for your analysis. We would like to recommend this scheduling method to avoid cannibalization while still being independent of seasonality.


  1. Before/ after tests


These tests are used for feed components. In this type of testing, having a good control group is important. There are several online tools for testing are available. Before/after testing is the best for the things which take a long time to change or are difficult to change. As an example, we can say product titles, images and prices etc. In the before/after testing, you have to measure the relational changes between your test and control groups. You have to know if Google is more likely to show lower-priced products in Google shopping or not through this testing. If you wish to learn and become a PPC specialist yourself, you can enroll in a PPC Certificate Training Course.


Here we have described the importance of PPC testing along with the procedure. You should imply these to achieve a successful PPC campaign. Hope this article will help you to achieve success in your PPC journey.

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