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What Are BMW M Performance Parts?

BMW M Performance PartsSaint-Tropez, France - August 3, 2014: Motor car BMW F10 5-series drives at the city street.

The BMW M Performance model features a 3-Series, twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter engine. The car uses six cylinders and marks 382 hp. M Performance is a step above BMW M, but you can find BMW M performance parts to kick things up a notch. The model also has the M Sport brakes and exhaust, larger sporty tires, and more adaptable driving mode selections. You can achieve more tuning than with lower models like BMW M. Here are four parts for your BMW M Performance:

1.    Performance Controller

The BMW M Performance may be a better performer than BMW M, but not as great as BMW M Sport. One way to raise the performance is through engine tuning. You can find performance controllers to help you improve your car’s output safely. Performance controllers can fine-tune your engine to provide greater performance and smooth power delivery.

BMW and other car manufacturers limit engine output to sell their vehicles in more territories. Experienced auto mechanics and engineers can raise the output and reprogram the car to deliver more torque and horsepower safely. You can get performance controllers for different tuning stages to achieve the maximum safe output.

2.    Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger unit is at the core of your BMW’s cooling system. You can invest in a high-performance heat exchanger to improve engine operating temperatures. Performance heat exchangers can reduce intake air temperatures (IATs) and provide faster heat soak recovery. The goal is to enhance airflow through the engine cooling system for lower coolant and oil temperatures.

A heat exchanger upgrade can help you maintain safe temperatures if you’re tuning the car engine. Better airflow and lower temperatures allow the engine to work at maximum efficiency. Stick to reputable car tuners that can recommend the best high-performance heat exchanger for your BMW M Performance.

3.    Suspension System

You need suspension tuning whenever you tune your car engine. Raising your car’s output will increase power and speed. You will need to reinforce the suspension system in order to support the changes and prevent things from falling apart. Suspension tuning optimizes the springs, damping, anti-roll bars, bushing, deflection, and geometry to create a superior system.

You can benefit from installing premium parts, wheels, and braking systems to get the most from your increased engine output. High-performance coil-over suspensions can reduce body roll and help with front and rear height adjustments. The springs are also stiffer, and progressive bump stops improve your ride quality. Your car tuner can complete suspension tuning along with your ECU tuning.

4.    Exhaust System

If you’ve tuned your engine, you’ll also need an exhaust upgrade to maximize airflow. Exhausts have different velocities and restrictions. A wider exhaust pipe allows the engine to expel more exhaust gases at a quicker speed, but the velocity may drop during low RMP. You can use a narrower pile to increase velocity but risk higher resistance during high RPM. The goal of exhaust upgrades is to increase your vehicle’s velocity while reducing factors of resistance.

When looking for BMW M Performance parts, choose exhaust systems designed to optimize your new engine’s output. Consider pipe diameter, exhaust velocity, backpressure, and noise levels. You can also compare different exhausts and materials. Some models feature computer-controlled valves that close to reduce noise levels during low speed. The valves open up during high-load conditions to provide aggressive accelerations and counterbalance the weight.

Other BMW M Performance Parts

Improving your BMW’s performance isn’t limited to the engine, suspensions, and exhausts. You can upgrade a wide variety of different components, including the turbo, caster assembly, rims & tires, steering system, and brakes. BMW M Performance tuners can also help you upgrade the interior body, stereo system, and smart features on the dashboard. Other upgradeable components include the intercooler, cold air intakes, cranks, dry sumps, and car exterior.

With BMW M Performance parts there’s almost no limit to how customized your vehicle can be. For the best results with each upgrade, hire an experienced auto mechanic. High-performance cars like BMWs don’t require much reprogramming to increase output. Minor tweaks can drastically improve performance if you stick to reputable BMW tuners and quality components. You can also find quality BMW parts to improve the aesthetic appeal, riding quality, and interior comfort.