What are instant money transfers?


Instant money transfers allow you to send or receive funds online. This method of transferring money is similar to sending an e-mail or message that comes to the addressee within a few seconds. Instant transfers are often used to send not too large amounts between relatives, friends, to pay for a service or goods. Most often, only a smartphone program or online service is needed, connected to the user’s bank account or to which a certain amount used for the transfer is deposited. These payments are called instant, because the money is transferred to the specified account within a few seconds. But, due to the work of many banking institutions and other problems, the actual transfer time can reach 24 hours. Especially if you’re sending overseas. Such delays are rare, but the user should be aware of them.

Fast money transfers are considered the easiest and most convenient way to send money online. They have practically no delays associated with the usual transfers in banks, so the user can use the funds immediately after receiving on his bank card. In order for the money transfer to be carried out quickly, it is recommended to choose common banking systems and functional applications that will allow you to quickly and easily send money to your friends, relatives or abroad.

How the instant transfer system works

Instant payments, according to are processed instantly, alternately and are initiated at any time of the day. They do not depend on the current holidays, weekends, the currency sent or the final point. Unlike bank transfers, they are triggered instantly. Everyone knows that transfers using the banking system can take a long time, which is explained by their long processing. This period is within five working days. If the money is transferred abroad, the period may be extended. This is due to the fact that banking systems are engaged in processing payments by several groups at a specific time during the working day.

Bank payments may be delayed, depending on the currency used by the bank or destination country. If the transaction is made within the country, transfers are received within one day. This is the main difference between a bank transfer and an instant one. Fast money transfers arrive on the user’s account within a few minutes, so they can be used immediately.

What is the advantage of instant money transfers?

Instant money transfers have a number of advantages. First of all, it is a quick transfer of money to the recipient’s account. This makes it easy to manage your money. Thus, the user can support his family, make urgent payments, distribute everyday expenses, lend money to colleagues or friends. Instant transfers guarantee the most simple procedure for sending money, unlike classical methods. Most often, the user can create a special account, allocating a few minutes to control the income, expenses on his account. To do this, you must specify a minimum amount of information. Among the main advantages of such transfers are:

  • Fast sending of money, which will take only a few minutes;
  • The ability to make an instant payment, both by the recipient’s card number and by phone number;
  • Money is credited on any day, even on weekends and holidays;
  • You can make instant transfers using a computer and even a smartphone.

Many proven and popular banks are connected to the fast payment system, so the user does not have to create a new account.

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