What Are Some Great ERP Software Systems for Electronics Manufacturing?

ERP Software Systems for Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing ERP software is a set of advanced tools the manufacturing companies utilize to determine, execute, plan, and provide a detailed report about the generation of electronic goods. The cloud-based solution enterprise resource planning software helps with numerous features like material supplier planning, supply chain management, purchase and sell reports, recall management and several other options.

The ERP system for electronic manufacturing allows the manufacturers to boost their material production by utilizing minimal resources by automating and streamlining the entire procedure.

There are numerous ERP software that can help you with electronic manufacturing.

eresource ERP.

The Xcel ERP of eresource is an ideal solution for all electronic manufacturing companies. It offers a modular approach for the companies that can streamline and automate the business tasks, ensure customer responsiveness and reduce the total expenditure. It is a quality ERP for electronics manufacturing industry present in the market.

The eresource ERP software can automatically track sales records and the availability of the raised product orders. It also helps with production procedures, supply chain management, materials, costs and other processes.

Unique Features:

  • Controls quality management and bill of material management.
  • Allows custom order and purchase management.
  • Helps the company with plant maintenance.

MRP Easy

MRP Easy is a user-friendly, cloud-based production planning software beneficial for small electronic manufacturers. The tool helps with inventory, manages the scheduling of production, shop floor, and procurement in one location, and controls sales.

The MRP Easy ERP software helps customers access feature plans without any hassle that can help you satisfy your demands and access enhanced functionalities for growing your business. Being a decent ERP software for manufacturing, MRP Easy can automate your business work without any hassle.

Unique Features:

  • Production scheduling and planning.
  • CRM with lead time quoting and estimation and manufacturing expenditures.
  • BOM and inventory management.
  • Materials and supply chain management.
  • Shop Floor tracking and MES.


SYSPRO is an extensive enterprise resource planning software build to ease business twists for distributors and electronic manufacturers. It can be incorporated within the cloud, on point, through an advanced model. SYSPRO can be accessed from any place and through any device.

Unique features:

  • It has web-enabled applications.
  • Helps sales and order invoicing by accommodating multiple sales proceedings.
  • SYSPRO offers user-described selection eligibility for flexible and improved reporting.

Sage X3.

Sage Cloud X3 is a powerful electronic erp software created by Sage. It helps mid scale and large scale electronic manufacturing companies with the ability to improve their business proceedings in a competitive environment.

The software offers advanced functionality and tools that encompasses all the business procedures. The compact software design of Sage X3 erp software gives end to end visibility across sales, finance, manufacturing options, purchasing, inventory and customer service.

Unique Features:

  • Allows businesses to manage every aspect of business workflow.
  • You can control all the purchase procedures of the company from one single location.
  • Let’s you idealize and execute different modes of supply chain with confidence and clarity.


Deskera is a cloud-based erp for manufacturing industry that helps electronic manufacturing companies track finances, optimize manufacturing methods, manage the clients and customers, and other advanced benefits.

The business will be able to add extensive functionalities while growing to enhance procedures like forecasting, demand, inventory control and procurement. Deskera is effective for several electronic manufacturing industries that work with sales, manufacturing and distribution.

Unique Features:

  • Offers CRM and purchase management.
  • Vendor management, billing and sales.
  • Inventory control and financial reports.
  • Production management.

Epicor Kinetic.

Epicor Kinetic enterprise resource planning software is a cloud-based erp that can let you maximize profitability and momentum. Epicor ERP delivers flexibility, agility, and choice for electronic manufacturing companies with advanced tools and technologies for driving opportunity and growth in their business procedures.

Unique Features:

  • Measures, tracks and monitors entire business working through one single software.
  • Streamlines the proceedings and reduces expenditure while increasing profits and growing revenue.
  • It helps you adapt to the new manufacturing methods very quickly.

Final Words.

The price of the erp for electronics manufacturing varies considerably based on certain factors like training, module additions, additional and base users, ongoing support and many more. However, all the software is not designed to meet your demands, and each of them has different functionalities. Thus, you can choose from the above-mentioned electronic manufacturing erp software that can help you with your business works.

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