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What Are the Advantages and Risks of Using an Automatic Mobile Proxy For Instagram?

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Instagram automation makes your job easier and faster until your account and IP address are blocked – that’s when you’ll know you’re taking a big risk when you automate your social media tasks without using a proxy.

And when it comes to Instagram automation, you don’t just use any kind of proxy, mobile proxies are the best because they provide a high level of anonymity and are dynamically generated and websites are unable to block them in any other way so as not to revoke legitimate user access.

But where do you get mobile proxies from? Mobile proxy provider of course. I’m going to cover the 5 best mobile proxies for Instagram bots. Previously, let’s take a look at what a mobile proxy is and why you should use it.

What is Mobile Proxy?

A mobile proxy is a type of proxy server that routes their customers’ web requests through a mobile device connected to the mobile network. Basically, a mobile proxy uses an IP address that is dynamically assigned to a mobile device by their Mobile Network Operator (MNO) that functions as their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Because they use mobile IP addresses, websites see requests that are routed through them as requests originating from the mobile device. They are also known as 4G proxies.

What Risks Do You Face When Using Proxy For Instagram?

Problems that are often faced when you use an Instagram proxy service? Or worst: was your account blocked for the wrong proxy? You are not alone. Sometimes, getting a new IP for your account seems like a chancy. But, there is always a solution. Here are some of the common risks and solutions any marketer faces when using a proxy for Instagram.

Permanent account blocking

Waking up to find a permanent account ban is the worst thing that can happen to your social media marketing operation.

Many marketers will blame their Instagram proxy provider. But this is not always the case. Usually, a permanent ban occurs when Instagram marks an account as spam because of its aggressive actions.

When something like this happens, the account and proxy IP will be flagged. Markings and bans occur in exactly this order. First, the account is blocked; then, the proxy becomes unusable on IG.

Solution: Unfortunately, accounts that are permanently blocked can no longer be used. Good proxy. In such circumstances the only thing to do is to create a new account and ask your proxy provider to refresh the blocked IPs (most providers have a 30 day IP refresh where you can request a new IP for your proxy.

Frequent blocks

This problem is more common than the first; it can happen for many reasons, one of which is using the wrong proxy with a bot like Jarvee or FollowLiker. But the main reason again is accounts with aggressive settings. However, this problem can also occur due to a bad Jarvee proxy.

Solution: Frequent blocks mean your account is still usable and active. So you can run a little test to find the cause of this problem. One test you can do is replicating your account actions without a proxy. If the problem persists and you are facing new account blocking, it means that your settings are set too high, and you should lower them. However, if you use the same settings and connect your account via a different IP address, your account is not blocked; it means that the problem is with your proxy IP. The solution is to contact your provider and request an IP refresh, so that you can get a new IP and continue using your account.

Unexpected downtime

Every provider has this problem, regardless of whether they sell data centers or 4g mobile proxies for Instagram.

Fortunately, this problem is caused by your account, so you can say that your account is protected and not damaged.

It is not easy to identify when downtime occurs and for how long. Downtime is an issue when your account needs to take action or post content.

Solution: If you notice that your provider is experiencing frequent downtime issues, do these two steps (in exactly this order):

  1. Tell them about your problem and request a refresh IP from a different server than the one you were using up to that point.
  2. Change your proxy provider and look for one that offers a better service.

Get a blocked Instagram proxy

This is pure bad luck; you may be interested in a new provider that is selling proxies at a discount. Or you might be tricked into buying the best Instagram proxy, which is cheaper than the competition.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous providers sell regular proxies that are marketed as proxies for Instagram bots. And most often, these proxies have been blocked by social networks.

Solution: When something like this happens, all you have to do is change the provider. Such providers cannot be trusted. So it is best to end your business as soon as possible and avoid further (account or monetary) losses.

Buy a shared proxy

How can you tell if the proxy for Instagram you are buying is shared or dedicated? The short answer: You can’t.

This is an industry-wide problem. You never know if the IP you purchased is dedicated to you (if you are the only user) or shared between you and another provider.

It’s not that the company selling these proxies is doing anything weird in the background. This problem is caused by how the proxy server is created and set up.

In the end, you are only a user (proxy client), whereas the provider’s server has more authority in the configuration of the connection. Hence, as long as you buy a data center proxy, you will never know whether you are buying a dedicated or shared IP.

Regarding residential and mobile proxies, this problem is solved by their setup: all rotating residential IPs are shared among multiple users.

Also, when it comes to dedicated residential proxies with fixed IPs, we have the same problem as in the case of data center proxies – you never know what you’re getting, your only option is to trust your provider

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