What are the advantages of investing in the group benefits?

What are the advantages of investing in the group benefits

From a business perspective, the reasons that justify offering this benefit are varied. Among them, we highlight:

Increased employee motivation

Group health plans for employees directly impact the feeling of belonging of employees about the company. They realize that the business is interested in their well-being and values ​​professionals. Therefore, the tendency is for employees to increase productivity and engagement.

The logic is simple: motivated professionals want to stay in the company! And to understand how to do this in practice, we recommend reading the free Talent Retention eBook.

Health care

The Covid-19 pandemic opened up everyone’s concern for health. But it is a fact that every professional is calmer when he knows that he can take care of his health and has the company’s support in case of any need.

The lack of health concern is also another reason to encourage professionals to focus on their best performance and direct their creative actions to offer interesting and innovative solutions for the company.

Raising the company’s competitive edge.

Companies that offer a good health plan for employees, thus meeting their employees’ needs, are more likely to attract, hire and retain the best talent in the market.

Consequently, with the retention of good professionals, the company increases its competitiveness point, both for the issuance of qualified professionals and to deliver quality results to customers and society.

Assistance in situations of occupational accidents

The company’s effort is always to avoid unforeseen events, but they can happen to any professional. In such cases, the health plan covers such situations and supports the employee in what he needs.

This is another positive point to be taken into account when hiring a health plan for employees; after all, the benefit shows that the organization is concerned with its employees’ quality of life even if some problem happens within the company itself.

Reduction of absenteeism and leave

Professionals with corporate plans do more routine exams and monitor their health carefully. The result is that they are more available to the company and, consequently, less are missing. They also become more productive because they have fewer worries about the future.

In other words, offering a health plan helps employees stay healthy. And healthy employees are not short of work.

The importance of reducing turnover and increasing the attraction and retention of talent

As we have seen, one of the main benefits for the company is offering a health plan for employees and increasing the retention of talent in the company. It is necessary to understand that the HR sector must assume, once and for all, its multifunctional and strategic side for the qualification of the workforce of its companies.

But, to guarantee a reduction in turnover, it is necessary to demonstrate that the company is concerned with employees as a whole, not only with health but also with their financial well-being.

In this regard, a new modality that has attracted attention is the salary on demand, which aims to add flexibility so that employees receive hours worked but not yet paid. This alleviates many of the financial problems, especially those generated by the challenges of closing the month’s accounts and which tends to become a snowball over time.