What Are The Causes Of Sleep Attacks?

Sleep Attacks

Heart attack is a common term nowadays, almost everyone has heard about it or seen it in movies. Many of us would also have seen someone close experience a heart attack. Everyone has their experiences to share about the topic, and looking at the current health situation cases of heart attacks are rising among the young generation as well. But keep aside heart attack for a moment. How many would have heard about sleep attacks?

Now, don’t scratch your head because this is a reality in many people’s life. From the name itself, one can guess that it is something about sleep. Just like in a heart attack your heart suddenly stops for a second or even less and then restarts. Here, the opposite happens, suppose you are all normal, suddenly you will fall asleep without any prior warning and then wake up after a few minutes or hours. Now, this may not seem like a big issue that requires the consumption of pills like Modalert 200mg and Artvigil 150 mg but it this has resulted in depression, deaths and unfortunate accidents.

Suppose, a driver is driving a car with some passengers. Now if he experiences a sleep attack and suddenly while driving if he falls asleep then not only his life but the life of passengers is at risk. This is the reason such in jobs that involve being alert all the time and certain health risk is involved such as driving or working in a factory, their employees are checked whether they are patients of any sleeping disorder or not. If found they are not hired. But what makes a person experience sleep attacks because not everybody is born with a disorder. Read this article to know what are the causes of sleep attacks?

Irregular sleep timing

Any sleeping disorder occurs due to something significant damage to the sleep cycle has occurred. And one common reason for damage to the sleep cycle nowadays is irregular sleep timing. The conventional sleep timing is during the night after having dinner and the daytime is for work, studies and all such necessary activities. But not everyone’s routine is so simple. People who work night shifts have to work from evening till sunrise. For them, daytime is the time to sleep and nighttime is for work. The brain that is usually habituated to work in an earlier sleep cycle has to change it. And this sometimes leads to sleep attacks, especially during the daytime.

But this is not a surety that people with normal sleep routines will be cent per cent safe from sleep attacks. There are cases where a person is sleeping for extra hours at night but still during daytime sleep attacks are hampering his/her work.

Deprived of sleep

It is also common for people that sleep for fewer hours than needed. An average adult must sleep for 7 to 8 hours. But now people are not getting enough time to sleep due to strict deadlines. The usual duration for an employee is 8 to 10 hours, this gets elongated to 18 hours in a day. A person who works for 18 hours, after eating, and spending time with family has actually less than 5 hours to sleep as again in the morning he/she has to report at 9 or 10 am. So, not only incorrect sleep timings but even lack of sleep might incite sleep attacks.

Using heavy stimulants

When deadlines are strict and a lot of work is left employees need to work non-stop. Hence, sleep is considered an obstruction that must be suppressed. Hence, for better productivity, people use stimulants that reduce the urgency to go to sleep. Thus, a few minutes ago the person was begging to sleep but after taking the stimulant, within 10 to 20 minutes the person is working with full concentration as sleep has vanished. This will extract few hours of work from employees but it will seriously damage their mental health, especially their sleep cycle. Such men and women are on the verge of nervous disorder and are most likely to get sleep attacks.

Being addicted

Mark one thing that any addiction you do is harmful to health. No matter how cool you look while smoking cigarettes or drinking wine or alcohol, it’s damaging to your health. Addiction has a direct impact on the sleep cycle and the functioning of the nervous system. Addicted people don’t have control of their minds and are directly controlled by the addictive substance. If the person is not fed up with the addictive substance the brain does not function properly and the person behaves abnormally. An addicted person is often found getting unconscious and in deep sleep. This is because nothing in his body is in order, the blood circulation is disturbed, secretion of enzymes is hampered and a whole lot of irregulating incidents occur, damage to the sleep cycle being one of them.

Too much stress

Even the stress in your life can make you take pills like Modaheal 200 and Waklert 150. Many people are found that tell that it is the stress in life that has resulted in poor sleep cycles and sleep attacks. But if we go by this theory then people who don’t experience sleep attacks do not have any stress in life. How many of you have can say that you have no stress in life? No one. Even the richest and most poor have stress, though the intensity of stress may be different stress exists in all classes, castes and religions. A poor person is stressed about his next meal, and the rich person is stressed about his car, bungalow and growing his company.

We must learn to suppress the stress and release it at times so, that it does not affect our health. Stress is one thing that is common to everyone and will persist till we die. So, no one can hide from stress, hence, we must not wish for a life without stress but instead learn to handle it and prevent sleep attacks.


Sleep attacks are becoming nowadays due to stressful environments, both at the workplace and at home. Report to the doctor in the initial days to prevent the seriousness of mental damage.

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