What Are the Essential Shipping Documents You Need?

Do you know what the most famous aspect of the ocean freight industry is? It’s the paperwork. Knowing all the essential documents is an overwhelming task. Not to mention, you also need to get them right. Even a minor mistake can cause delays and severe problems that will affect the supply chain of your business. 

However, most ocean freight documents contain the same information, such as the seller, buyer, merchandise details, etc. Each of these documents is extremely important in playing different roles. Apart from ensuring that these documents contain sufficient information, you must also ensure that they are consistent.

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Bill of Lading 

If you need to know about one shipping document like the palm of your hand, it needs to be the Bill of Lading. As per Investopedia, the Bill of Lading is one of the most important legal shipping documents that will work as a contract between the cargo owner and the shipping line. This document will be issued by the shipping carrier you choose to acknowledge the cargo receipt for your shipment. 

Ensure the exporter and importer information are listed properly on the Bill of Lading, as this document will serve as proof of ownership of the goods you’re planning to ship. Additionally, the information or details of the Bill of Lading need to reflect the different conditions as per the transaction. Once your cargo reaches the destination, you need to present your Bill of Lading to your carrier so that they can release your cargo. Keep in mind that there are different types of Bill of Lading. 

Packing List 

This is another essential shipping document you need to know. Similar to the Bill of Lading, the packaging list is another vital document in the ocean freight industry. The packaging list contains even the smallest information and details regarding the cargo. This includes volume, weight, and the value of the cargo, as well as the individual boxes you’re shipping. 

The primary objective of the packaging list is to inform the importer, freight forwarding company, customs office, and carrier about the goods that you’re transporting without verifying the contents physically. When the customs want to inspect the items in your container, the packaging list will help them identify the item or box that raised their concern. This way, you will be able to save time while also saving your cargo from damage by opening every one of the containers. If you’re searching for a freight forwarding company where you can focus on cargo trackingmake sure you contact us. 

Commercial Invoice 

When you’re making international transactions regarding the exporting and importing process of goods, you need to focus on the proof of sale, which is known as a commercial invoice. The commercial invoice is the same as the standard invoice. The only difference is that the commercial invoice includes some crucial pieces of information regarding the freight shipment. Remember that the commercial invoice is the most important legal document. 


These are the essential shipping documents you need to know. What are your thoughts? Make sure you let us know in the comment section below. 

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