What are the top key selling points of a home in 2023?

So you are planning to sell your house and are hoping to attract that perfect buyer who can give you a fair deal but also maintain it just as you did. Selling your house can give you mixed feelings about the property and plans for the future and you must now be wondering where to start. Whether you want to understand the selling points of a house or are looking for a quick sale, this article has got you covered. With housing prices estimated to drop by 10% in 2023, you need to take proactive measures before putting up your house for sale. While finding a buyer may sound simple, it is recommended to have the assistance of a real estate agent to ensure a fair and faster sale. There are professional real estate agents in Leeds to make your home sale successful in the area.

5 Key Selling Points of a Home

You must prepare your home for sale not just because you want to make it appealing for the buyers but also to enhance property value to boost the sale speed. Here are 5 selling points of a house you must be aware of.

Attractive Exterior

The first impression of a buyer would be highly dependent on your house looks on the outside. You can add colours to your exterior by enhancing your lighting outdoors, mowing the lawn, and trimming overgrown shrubs or plants. Make sure to clean the windows and doors and leave no room for dirt. You can also consider giving a fresh colour to your house by repainting. Additionally, you can also add a convenient outdoor kitchen. Buyers would be instantly attracted to houses that look and feel new. Improving your kerb appeal can make the property look younger and fresh.

Impressive Interior

Declutter your house, the first thing to help the visitor feel positive about your house. This also urges potential buyers to maintain the vibe even after the sale. Buyers tend to imagine their lives in the houses during the visit, so make it worthwhile. Also, remember not to overclean and lose your flavour in the house. You can add value to your property by upgrading important rooms like the kitchen. If there are any plumbing issues, fix them immediately. You can consider having a friend or a family member inspect your house to understand what needs improvement.

Fair pricing

There are numerous properties waiting to be sold. And with the current trend of lowering price values in the housing market, do not risk your sale by overpricing the house. Since mortgage rates are still in increasing trend, expensive properties can scare the prospects away. Take enough time to research the property’s approximate value in the market before putting up your house on sale. There are many online tools that help you estimate your property value. If the process is overwhelming, consider getting the assistance of professional housing agents.

Perfect Marketing Strategy

There is nothing that you cannot do with your social media. You can start by listing your property and descriptions on your social media handles. Many sellers overlook the importance of having a solid marketing strategy. It is because they are unaware of the prospects that marketing can bring to the table. You tie up with marketing agents and post high-quality pictures of your house to attract buyers. Add virtual home tours and highlight features that make your house appealing. Also, make sure you consider peak seasons for property sales in your region to avoid leaving your property for sale for a long time. 

Hiring the best estate agent

It may look concerning to give away a small portion of your sale value to a random agent. But estate agents according to statistics, go overboard to bring in quality buyers and invest time in marketing strategies. Find top agents in the local housing market who can guide you in targeting the right group and negotiating higher prices. Also, MLS platforms are accessible to only licensed agents that can give you insights into market trends. 

Summing up

Consider working on the mentioned selling points before going forward with your property sale. Efficient water and energy systems, guarded security, and spacious parking are other key selling points for a house. Spending on such aspects may look unnecessary now, but it is all worth it when your property increases in value with all the fine-tuning.