What can I do if my insurance company does not provide adequate compensation for my 18-wheeler accident?

What can I do if my insurance company does not provide adequate compensation for my 18-wheeler accident

Truck accidents involving 18 wheels, tractor-trailers, and semi-trailers cause more damage than the average vehicular accident. This means that there is a high chance that you will not only have suffered serious injuries, but your vehicle has also been damaged to the point that it needs significant repairs before you can use it again. In most cases, when a 18-wheeler accident occurs, the truck company responsible for the vehicle and the driver generally move forward and have their insurance company cover all of these accumulated costs that have now arisen. But what if what they are offering you is not enough to cover all your expenses? You need to talk to an expert Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer.

Well, there are some possible options that you can try and that can help you with the funds you need to spend this time unhappy.

Negotiate in the Agreement

If you have received an offer of agreement that is common in many cases of 18-wheeler accidents and you are not satisfied with that amount, you have the option of negotiating with the insurance company and letting them know that this is not enough. In most 18-wheeler accidents, insurers are looking to provide the smallest amount possible, especially if you are not the policyholder. It can get quite frustrating when it does, but you want to stay strong and not let the insurer take advantage of you. You’ve suffered enough by going through the collision, so it’s time to take a stand and fight for the compensation you deserve.

One thing that you should be aware of is that a 18-wheeler accident attorney can help your insurance company to fulfill your demands. Most insurers respond best when they see a lawyer hired, which lets them know that you are serious about the agreement and will take all necessary legal action.

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File an 18-wheeler accident Case

Of course, it may be easier to file a claim through the guilty party’s insurance carrier and allow them to pay for the damages, but sometimes they are not willing to cooperate. This brings us to your next course of action that can be taken. Often, when a driver does not have adequate insurance coverage or his insurance company is not paying what is necessary, you have no alternative but to file a lawsuit against him. There are many steps involved in filing a 18-wheeler accident case, so you definitely want to hire a lawyer at Zehl & Associates. We provide legal services to those in Houston, but we can help you find a lawyer in any city in Idaho DMV Bill of Sale.

As truck collision attorneys understand the claims process and know what to expect, it is in your interest that a legal representative will handle your case and get what you require.

So, if you are struggling with an insurance company and need legal advice or representation, contact us today.