What Do nangs Do?


The nangs we provide at Nangs Delivery are nothing but essential nitrous oxide cream chargers. To describe it simply, they are the steel cylinders that are responsible for producing whipped cream for you with the help of nitrous oxide gas. In Australia, nangs are found all over the country’s hotspots such as popular cafes, coffee shops, bars, pubs, and restaurants.

One of the main reasons it is found commonly around the country is that it can be ordered online and the delivery is done in an instant and more importantly the delivery is available even after business hours. Another great benefit of nangs is they can be very long-lasting. The container that is used for storing the nangs is often made of nickel or zinc plated. Zinc or nickel is a type of metal that is known for its durability and rust-proof against accumulated kitchen moisture.

The metal bulb inside the container will usually contain around 8 grams of nitrous oxide, which is a standard quantity for most nangs brands. We can assure you as soon as your purchase a few nan packs, there is no doubt that you will be addicted to the whipped cream. The flavor and texture are so perfect that you will be wanting more. If you consume a lot, you may end up with a lot of sugar and fat in your system! This begs the question of whether it is really healthy to consume it.

Well, as you might know, just like everything, nangs are also healthy to consume as long it is consumed in small doses. But don’t let this sweet and fluffy nature fool you that easily. Whipped cream is a type of food that is rich in fat content as well as in calorie level. If a consumer consumes too much-whipped cream, that can affect directly produce some health or weight consequences in the long run.

Nevertheless, if you compare it to unwiped cream, whipped cream is always a better option to choose. The main reason behind this is whipped version helps to lower the overall density of the cream. This lower density plays an important role in portion control. The nitrous oxide present in the nangs can help to increase the volume of the cream by four times compared to its overall weight.

Now if we compared this to a regular hand whipping, even with the tedious effort it can only produce the volume of the cream by about two to three times. If you are looking forward to the portion control then it is the best advice to choose nang

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Md Jahangir
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