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What do we mean by ‘have a good vocabulary’?

Having a good vocabulary doesn’t just mean being grammatically correct. You should know the right set of words that you can use in a specific context. You can see a difference between the terms ‘very sad’ and ‘unhappy’. That word choice is what separates you from the crowd. Vocabulary has various domains that will help you train yourself to be a better conversationalist. One main domain is the idioms. Idioms do not just assist you in adding irony to a sentence but will help you connect easily with your fellow mates. Using the proper expression at the right time can help you break the ice and smoothen out the conversation.


Importance of Idioms in vocabulary


Idioms are phrases that don’t exactly mean what they say but change based on a situation. Idioms are figurative phrases that don’t have a literal meaning. They go back to the history of a place or a citation per se. For example, when we say ‘bury the hatchet’, the phrase as an idiom means ending a conflict. So how did the expression evolve? In the early 1600s, in North America, when a peace agreement came into the picture, immediately all the soldiers buried their weapons like knives, hatches etc., as a symbol that the war came to an end.

There is one downside to using idioms. If your colleague you are speaking to doesn’t know the historical context, the person will be clueless at your use of the statement. Therefore, use the proper idiom with the right person at the right time to not be confused.


Here are some idioms examples,

  • Caught Red Handed
  • Turn a blind eye
  • Cat got your tongue?
  • Butter someone up
  • Break the ice


Another domain that will help you in improving your vocabulary are metaphors.


Importance of Metaphors in vocabulary.


These phrases are one of a kind. They help us in looking at an object or a story in a new light. So what exactly are metaphors?

It is a way in which we try to describe or explain an object, but not in its literal sense. For example’ tears flowing like a river’ doesn’t mean that her tears are a river, but it means that a person is disturbed and is crying in agony. Here we know that a river is much more vast than a few tears. And using that small meaning to describe someone’s sadness is where creativity lies.


Using these metaphors in your vocabulary, you can show the other person the depth of the topic in conversation and its importance. The way you explain it to them and your words in the situation make all the difference. The spelling online quizzes will help you understand how to pronounce and write the word correctly so that your vocabulary can improve beyond just talking.


But having good idioms and metaphors in hand is not just enough. You should also be good at writing in English. And that is where people usually face the problem of spelling.

Good communication often depends on the way you spell things. Given that every place has its slang, there are just a few correct pronunciations. So how can they help us, both students and employees?

  • Comprehension

If you have the correct spelling and pronunciation at hand, then you are less likely to be confused by the word. You will understand what it means much quickly and are more likely to use the words in your daily conversation to explain your thoughts and ideas.

  • Future

Now, you might be in school using English just for your essays. But in the future, when you apply for jobs, you mustn’t make any spelling mistakes in your resumes or project proposals.

  • Content writing

When you write a blog, you must keep the reader engaged in what you write. Having spelling errors in your content will make them distracted and not concentrate on the article at hand.


Conclusion: Many websites can help you out with it if you want to improve how to speak and write. The games make the whole process a lot more fun. Most importantly, people find it challenging to spell long spelling words. Practicing them can help you out with it, and in time, you will find it is a piece of cake.


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