What Do You Need for Making Good Upholstery Furniture?

Upholstery gun

Upholstery refers to materials such as fabric, webbing, spring, and padding that make up the soft coverings of sofas, dining chairs, and other comfy furniture pieces. Once they wear out your furniture becomes ugly and uncomfortable to use. People started using upholstery for furniture pieces in the middle ages, and over the years, its popularity increased. It has evolved, and more comfortable materials including wool, horsehair, foams, and metal springs are used. They are more durable and comfortable.

The interior part of your chair may not be visible, but it determines how comfortable your piece feels. The good thing is that you can make good upholstery furniture at home. However, the job requires more than a needle and a piece of thread. You should have the following tools for a clean job.

Staple remover

The first step when upholstering your furniture is to remove the many staples holding your furniture’s upholstery. A staple remover helps you remove staples efficiently and safely.

Tack Lifter

A tack lifter is different from a staple remover. It removes the decorative tacks without damaging them and the wood making your furniture.

Needle Nose Plier

You need needle nose pliers to pull out broken staples end pieces. It is similar to the one found in a toolbox but can reach those small staples pieces and ensure your furniture is safe for use.

Rubber mallet

A rubber mallet separates wood frames without damaging them. If you use a regular hammer, you may end up broken frames.

Upholstery staple gun

A staple gun makes fixing old chairs easy. You can choose to use a hand staple gun or an electric one. A manual staple gun is the most common and will help you effortlessly recover your sofa or dining chairs. They are available in almost any local home improvement store. An electric upholstery staple gun is more powerful, and you do not have to use any force to drive staples like the manual one.

Sewing scissors with a straight blade

A pair of scissors is essential for cutting fabric, thread, batting, and thin foam. Note that the blade should be straight unless you need zigzag cuts.

Upholstery needle

A need is important for creating rolled edges and sewing on buttons. It is a unique long needle made of a heavier gauge than a regular needle. It is made of steel to enable it to penetrate heavy-duty fabrics.

Claw Tool

A claw hammer pulls staples and tacks out of the wood without damaging it. A claw tool looks like a screwdriver, but it has a v-shaped prong and not the flathead of a screwdriver.

Webbing stretcher

It is used to tighten and stretch seat webbing. This tool has spikes at the end and a handle with an hourglass shape that gives you a tight grip to pull the webbing tight. By doing that, you can staple or tack fabric and webbing tightly.


A screwdriver helps you remove screws. working to DIY means you will be working with screws most of the time. The flathead screwdriver can remove most screws on the piece you want to upholster. Put the screws in a safe place because you will need them later.


You cannot complete an upholstery project without a ruler. Making the furniture requires straight lines to give it a beautiful and neat look. making straight line is not only what you do with ruler when there is to make accurate scale of fabrics or woods.


One of the important things you need to have is chalk, it feels like you don’t need it but it has very valuable aspect. Once you start installing the fabric, you have to mark it on the backside for correct cutting. mark can be seen clearly and be easily removed after work is done.

Now you know what you need in DIY upholstery. It is time to bring your favorite furniture piece back to life. This is the easiest and most affordable way to add style to your thrift piece. The process can be time-consuming, but the results are rewarding.