What Do You Need to Know about PST Recovery Tool? Is it Beneficial to Use Them?

What Do You Need to Know about PST Recovery Tool? Is it Beneficial to Use Them?

PST data files are one of the most essential parts of MS Outlook when it comes to the POP email account. When you use the PST data files, you will have no limitation to access the MS Outlook items such as reminders, emails, contacts, events, and other types of essential mailbox items, even if your system doesn’t have an internet connection.

But the PST files are not reliable as they are prone to corruption. When the PST files are damaged or corrupted severely, your primary objective is to recover or restore the corrupted PST files properly without causing any further damage to the other PST files. This is where the third-party PST recovery tools come into the picture. There are multiple PST recovery tools available in the market that tells they are the most effective PST recovery software. However, most of these software items are capable of solving minor PST file corruption. When it comes to fixing severely corrupted PST files, they fail to prove beneficial.

Not to mention, you might be overwhelmed as there are many tools available which will end up making you choose an irrelevant one. To help you choose the best PST file recovery tool, here is the ultimate guide you need to know.

ScanPST Repair Tool 

ScanPST, also known as the Outlook Inbox Repair tool is something that comes with the MS Office package. The best thing about the ScanPST repair tool is that it’s completely free. This tool will undoubtedly help you if you want to fix minor MS Outlook corrupted data files. You won’t have any problem accessing the ScanPST tool and restoring the corrupted PST files. However, locating this tool is not an easy task. The location of the Inbox Repair tool is dependent on the MS Office version you’ve purchased. Even though you don’t need to pay any money using this tool, keep in mind that the ScanPST tool takes too much time to scan the PST files. Not to mention, one attempt is not sufficient to repair the PST files.

The ScanPST tool is available in all versions of MS Office, including the latest version. They can minor PST file corruption. But when it comes to fixing severely corrupted PST files, the tool won’t help. The ScanPST tool won’t recover the folder structure. Not to mention, it can also slow down your system. As per the Computer, upgrading the ram will make your system run faster.

DataNumen for MS Outlook 

DataNumen is one of the most famous and downloaded PST recovery tools in the market that will help you fix severely corrupt pst data files. Due to reliability, the DataNumen PST recovery tool is extremely effective at repairing corrupted PST files, unlike other so-called recovery tools. The process of accessing and launching this tool is also easy. Previously, DataNumen was known as Advanced Outlook Repair Tool. This tool runs on an advanced PST recovery algorithm that will undoubtedly fix damaged or corrupted PST files.

One of the best benefits of this tool is that you will have the authority to split the large PSTT files. When you use this tool, you will be able to ignore the Zero data chunks while also fixing the PST files effectively. Apart from the batch repairing feature, The DataNumen PST recovery tool will avoid empty folders will scanning for corrupted PST files.

How Can You Repair Corrupted PST Files Using Our Software?

Various reasons can corrupt PST files. However, instead of finding the corruption, you need to repair the corrupted PST files using the DataNumen PST recovery tool before you permanently lose the valuable mailbox items.

Download the DataNumen PST recovery tool from Chrome or any other Web Browser to fix multiple corrupted PST files easily, despite their size. Some of the most common MS Outlook issues that can be solved with the help of the DataNumen PST recovery tool are Outlook send receive error, Outlook cannot open your data file error, Outlook data file access denied error, unable to access Outlook attachments error, Outlook cannot open your default email folders error, cannot start MS Outlook error, The File Outlook.pst is not a Personal Folders File error, unknown Outlook error code, etc. Here are the steps you need to follow to repair the corrupted PST data files:

  • Close your MS Outlook account
  • Run the DataNumen PST recovery tool. If you don’t have the tool, consider downloading it from Google or other search engines and installing it in your system.
  • After launching the software, choose Open Default PST File.
  • Choose the corrupted or damaged PST files that need to be fixed and then click on the Next option.

This is where the tool will ask you to choose the scanning option. You can select either Smart or Normal scanning mode as per the complexity of the corrupted PST files.

  • Click on the Browse option so that you can choose the specific location to save the restored PST files. After that, click on the Repair button.


Now that you know some essential things about the PST recovery tool, you won’t face any problem restoring the corrupted PST file. If you have any questions, make sure you contact us.