What is a Conversational UI and why does it matter?

Conversational UIConversational UI

What is a Conversational UI?

The impression of interaction with the user interface is one of the main metrics for determining the success of a design and usability. As many experts say, conversational AI may soon become the basis for the development of new user interfaces. The spoken user interface provides the ability to interact with the device through speech. This is a completely new way, which does not imply entering any commands, keystrokes, etc. As sumatosoft states, conversational user interface differs from traditional apps in that it is more social and requires communication.

Conversational UI (user interfaces), or they are also called dialogue interfaces, are designed to interact with the user. Most often, various media services are built on the basis of conversational UI. Thus, the line between media and services is practically erased. The user has access not only to useful information but also to solving various kinds of problems. And since AI is actively used here, there is less and less need for individual specialists who perform the role of consultants.

Does your site need to be adapted for voice search? It all depends on the type of business and your needs. In any case, check the list of website builders and explore whether they have conversational UI elements in their functionality.

Chatbots and voice assistants

The communicative interface has long begun to penetrate the digital sphere. Surely all of you are familiar with chatbots and voice assistants. With their help, you can often get additional information on the site. These are AI-based programs that are trained on common patterns of user behaviour. Chatbot ui and assistants take on a large number of daily routine tasks. For example, from transferring money to organizing meetings. Voice assistants, as you might guess, allow people with disabilities to use modern technology as well.

Chatbots and chat interfaces

Let’s see, in order, how chatbots differ from chat interfaces.

A bot is a kind of program where the user exchanges messages with the program itself. That is, this is not the usual human-to-human dialogue, but a user-AI dialogue. The answers to the user’s questions or his reactions are pre-generated and adjusted as closely as possible to the possible answers of a real person. Whereas chat interfaces are already a more complex format. This is a conversational environment in which a bot seeks to become a real interlocutor, simulating a conversation with a live participant and trying to conduct it naturally.

Chat interfaces are a more complex framework. They can be accompanied by people or put in contact with them

In short, every chatbot has its own chat interface, but not all chat interfaces have bots.

Advantages of conversational UI

As with all technologies, conversational interfaces, for all their advantages, have some limitations. Chat interfaces have many more advantages over chatbot ui as they are not limited to scripts and specific responses.

  1. Bots most often focus on solving specific problems and follow a specific scenario. The dialogue is built in a question and answer format, when a bot analyzes a question from a large database and tries to find suitable answers. The answer bases can be huge, nevertheless, the bot tries to analyze it and proposes the optimal solution. Conversational interfaces are based on dialogue – the format of answers and questions.
  2. Another important factor is access to information about the user. Bots have knowledge of the user’s location, stored data from other sources. This way your dialogue will not stretch and interaction will be minimized. The user will spend less effort on time to achieve his goal. This will positively affect the user experience and leave the desire to use the service again and again.
  3. Dialogue interfaces remember your preferences that is why you will not have to re-enter data about yourself. The customizable interface will not forget about your wishes, adapt to your habits and needs. Read to design a great conversational UI.

The bottom line

Conversational UI helps create the feeling that a real person is communicating with you on the opposite side. Conversational interfaces will become more and more popular due to their convenience and ease of use. Finding an individual approach, they make interaction with the product simple and leave a pleasant impression. According to Forbes such interfaces are the future, and even now giants and small start-ups are realizing the potential of conversational UIs.

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