What Is a Franking Machine and What Makes It Essential to Any Business

A franking machine is a postal service created to introduce prepaid mailing services throughout the world. Subsequently, with the help of this service, businesses can easily send their posts without using expensive stamp glue or paper. It was introduced by Engle Frankmussler in 1884 with the name “Postage Stamp Affixing Machine” because, after its discovery, postage stamps came to a decline.

The service works by printing a barcode on the mails or parcels instead of using a traditional stamp for sending your post. Though this technology was introduced way back in the 19th century, it has been upgraded according to the new advancements of contemporary technology. Consequently, various businesses are running their systems smoothly by using them. However, many people are still unaware of the functions and importance of a franking machine. So here’s the guide for all the queries related to the importance and benefits of a franking machine.


What Is a Franking Machine?

A franking machine is a coding device used for metering or imprinting a barcode that can send postal mails without using stamps. By upgrading this machine, businesses can pay in advance for the postal services with the accurate charges for the letter or parcel they have to post. Moreover, there is a feature of imprinting date, company’s logo, custom message for the customer, and accurate charges priced for the postal service. This way, all the frank posts are prepared to be dispatched to the nearby postal office. Moreover, since the service is professional, its customer care is more refined in the post offices that attracts more people. Consequently, businesses can save a massive amount of time and money with the more convenient and secure ways for sending mails.

Benefits of Using a Franking Machine

  • Helps Businesses Save Money

Businesses benefit greatly from this postal service since they can easily save money through discounted offers and cost-effective estimates. Meanwhile, every machine has a built-in scale meter that helps the businesses run smooth services with its accurate measurement. In contrast, opting for a stamp post service will have to fill the extra charges because stamp services require high maintenance and complex ways of mailing.

  • Helps With Professional Marketing

Companies can easily promote their services with advanced features by imprinting their official logo and contact details on every parcel or letter they deliver. They can also market their services by using the frank machine to print a special message with company offers and discounts details. This way, individual businesses can use the franking machines as a marketing tool to promote their business services.

  • It Assures Security of the Customer Data

If businesses consider using the franking service instead of the stamp, they can easily provide confidential customer data service. This is because the franking machines are password protected that only enables the authorized users to access the customers’ confidential data.

  • Offers Convenient Ways of Working

Most businesses prioritize using franking machines because they offer more efficient and convenient ways of working. For example, the employees don’t have to visit the post offices time and again; they only have to put the parcel on the machine and all the cost details, weight and discount offers will appear. In the end, they only have to deliver all the arranged posts to the office. Additionally, through the franking machine’s feature of printing logos, the businesses can create a great impression on the customers.

How Does It Work?

Franking services provide a simple and smart method of mailing if you follow all the rules. Since mailing a letter or a parcel requires a franking machine with its license, every business employee should follow some simple steps to maintain a proper working method. These steps include;

  • Weighing the parcel or letter using the built-in scale in the franking machine.
  • Determining the size and type of service required for your letter.
  • Imprinting the logo and special message on the envelope by using the franking machine printing feature.
  • Calculating the postage costs through the machine gives accurate payment costs and offers discounted prices.
  • Then, Print the envelope by filling in the proper categories of dates, postage costs, company logos, and a mail code to make the end product appropriate.


Both small and large businesses are expanding successfully with suitable productivity, profitability, and marketing methods. To maintain this, the right set of equipment and mailing methods are a necessity. Even though frank machines play a vital role in smooth functioning, these machines always go unnoticed by many people; therefore, this guide can provide a better understanding of the benefits it can provide to a business.

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