What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming?

Slow internet is one of the worst nightmares for any gamer. Not only does it ruin the entire game but most players rage quit, damaging their consoles and breaking stuff. That is why you need to what is a good internet speed for gaming to have a better data plan and connectivity. We’re going to see what defines a good gaming internet speed and ways that you can boost internet speed on your devices. So let’s get started:

What Defines A Good Gaming Internet Speed?

By gaming internet speed, we mean how much internet data, including download speed, upload speed, bandwidth, etc. you’ll be needing for smooth gameplay. The answer can be different depending on the type of games you play, devices you use simultaneously, etc.

Speaking of data, you also need to connect with a well-reputed and professional internet service provider such as Spectrum Internet. Not only will Spectrum offer smooth connectivity but also you’ll rarely experience lags or disruptions. Spectrum offers a wide range of data plans with varying internet speeds that you can check out. Check out spectrum internet en español if you want details in Spanish.

Another great thing that Spectrum has entertained is compiling packages based on user needs. We’ve gathered some insights from that, which leads to compiling and defining good internet speed for gaming. Let’s take a look:

  • Most game manufacturers like to stay on the safe side and therefore recommend at least 1-3 Mbps internet speed. This should be solely dedicated to your gaming needs, which means no other devices should be using the internet during this session.

In addition to this, if you’re playing premium games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Rocket League, Dota2, etc. with high-end graphics, you should have at least a connection that offers at least 10 Mbps internet speed.

Moreover, you’ll also need to make sure that you have optimal download as well as upload speeds. It’s important since running games with high-end graphics in a multiplayer mode needs seamless connectivity.

  • Based on that, you should have at least 5-10 Mbps download and upload speed to smoothen your gameplay.

Let’s not forget how streaming on Twitch has become a superb way of earning money and fame. As highlighted earlier, you’d need a good internet speed just for playing a lag-free multiplayer game. However, you’ll need more than just 10 Mbps for streaming.

Again, this depends on how high-end gaming are you invested in.

  • If you’re a pro gamer that participates in online tournaments, then you’ll probably be needing a good internet connection with at least 100 Mbps internet speed.
  • This will involve smooth gaming, live chatting, and mitigating lags between your device and hosting servers.

On the other hand, if you’re a lone wolf and a reputed Twitch streamer, you’ll again be needing at least 100 Mbps internet speed. This will help in smoothening your game, allow streaming live, and ensure that your devices remain connected and active during the session.

In case you feel that this internet speed isn’t good enough or do you want more than just gaming (stream, download, upload on various mediums) you can opt for higher internet speeds too.

Factors That Affect Internet Speed For Gaming

We just saw various good internet speeds for gaming. However, it’s not just the internet speed that matters for a smooth gaming experience. Various factors affect your gaming experience, which we’re about to see now:

Type of Internet Connection

The type of internet connection you’re using highly affects your gaming experience. For starters, fiber internet brings seamless connectivity. From minimal lags to disruptions, you’ll feel content with your data plan with fiber cable internet.

On the other hand, using a phone cable internet or DSL cable internet will not provide the same seamlessness. This is because these are old technologies and don’t have proficiency similar to fiber internet.

Platform For Gaming

Another reason that affects your gaming experience is the platform you’re gaming on. This can be the servers that you’re connected to online for gaming. Based on pings, you need to choose the most optimal server so that latency can be reduced.

Most games often feature pings in-game, which lets you know current latency. Moreover, some servers also crash due to immense traffic (discussed next).

Overall Traffic

Overall traffic may not seem much of a trouble. However, it does affect your gaming experience. For starters, it may crash the server that is hosting the game because of the immense load due to online activity.

Similarly, you’ll experience this issue on weekends or holidays when everyone is online. At such times, if you don’t have dedicated internet for gaming, then you’ll face latency and poor gameplay.

How To Increase Your Internet Speed?

Now that you know what internet speed you need for gaming and what can affect your game apart from an internet connection, let’s take a look at some ways you can increase your internet’s speed:

Clear Cache

The first thing you can do is clear the system and browser cache. A cache is like a shortcut to your websites and files that are stored to access quickly without having to send a request for information to the original website.

It not only takes memory space but also uses the internet since it reloads the page instantly where you last left. Make sure to clear cache before using the internet for gaming.

Eliminate Browser Tabs

If you’re not busy working or don’t use your web browser often, then it’s time to say goodbye to opened tabs. Tabs remained opened and stored in the browser’s cache, making it easier to load them.

However, it uses the internet since the page is loaded where you last left it. You can check this out by re-watching an old YouTube video. The video will stream right from the point where you last left it. In this way it consumes a chunk of your internet, compromising the speed.

Using Ethernet Cable

Wireless connectivity may give ease of use. However, pro-gamers are aware that nothing beats an Ethernet cable. Not only does it give superb connectivity with no disruptions, but you can also dedicate a chunk of your internet speed to specified gaming LAN.

For instance, you have an internet connection of 100 Mbps internet speed. You can dedicate 50 Mbps or more to the specified gaming LAN and use the rest as needed. Since it’s dedicated, your connection won’t be bothered until something occurs with your ISP.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Now you know what is a good internet speed for gaming, what affects your gaming internet and how can you increase internet speed at home. You can try these out or recommend more ways in the comments!

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