What is a Packaging Machine and Why does the food Industry need it?

Did you ever notice that in a convenience store, everything is neatly arranged? While standing in front of a counter, do you realize that everything is beautifully packed? Each packet contains the same amount of product in weight mentioned on the package and the number of other things like ingredients, calories, etc. A product is shipped daily in the whole world, to every country, every city or every store, and shop, even online. How is this possible to weigh and pack such a massive quantity of products by laborers’ hand or manually? No, it is not possible.

As the food industry is proliferating, the need to accommodate a large number of consumers and deliver the product with the same quality and weight needs proficient machinery in addition to laborers. As the machine manufacturing industrialist launched packaging machines, the food industry started readily utilizing them for their inconvenience.

What is a packaging machine?

The packaging machine mainly contains weighers (linear or multi-head) and vertical packaging machines. On a superficial level, the process is to add food products into the machine that weighs it and packs and delivers it at last. But let’s discuss how it actually happens, what a packaging machine contains and performs functions.

What does it contain?

When you study a packaging machine in detail, you will understand that overall, within this machine, several other devices are working and performing their functions efficiently. However, different packaging systems have various components according to their needs. But here, I am discussing the Dynamic quantitative packaging system.

Vibrating Feeder

This system starts with a vibrating feeder; its function is to feed the product into the machine. The vibrating feeder uses both vibration and gravity to move the product to the next step.

Acclivitous Conveyor

An acclivitous conveyor or Z convey stainless steel and an easy-to-clean belt attached with the feeder at one end and the weigher at the other end. This conveyor belt’s function is to smoothly discharge the product into the weigher. I will use a multi head weigher.

Multihead Weigher

A multihead weigher is a machine that is used enormously by the food or non-food industry to weigh products efficiently and in no time. Weighing is a complex process, but do you weigh tons of products in just an hour? Yes, it is possible by multi head weigher. It directly attaches with the acclivitous conveyor, which takes the product fed by the feeder and drops it into the weigher. Multihead weigher is put on the upper floor of the working platform. Here at this stage, the product is first distributed into pool hoppers and then goes to weigh hoppers. Here the computer weighs the product and sends only those weigh hoppers products that come close to the target level weight. Once completed, the weigher delivers the product to the vertical packaging machine.

Working Platform

A working platform is a stainless steel or carbon steel body used in packaging systems to hold different weights like multihead weigher in this case. Most working platforms are compact and safe, especially with a guardrail and ladder for easy working.

Vertical Packaging Machine

At the level of a vertical packaging machine, the product finally comes in the process of packing. The product packs into packets, small boxes, or bags depending upon the size of the product.

Finished product Conveyor

Finished product Conveyor is the last component of the packaging system. It is directly attached to the vertical packaging conveyor that delivers the product into it. And after that point, you get your finished product at your end. 



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