What is a rubber-tyred gantry crane?

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A wheeled mobile gantry crane, also known as a rubber-tyred gantry crane or transtainer, is used to ground or stack intermodal containers. Outbound containers are preserved for future loading into boats, while inbound containers are maintained for future collection by drayage trucks. RTGs frequently cross multiple lanes, with one lane set aside for container exchanges.

The rubber-tyred gantry crane’s movement offers a wider range of applications. RTGs are often used in manufacturing, in addition to the intermodal business. Constructing massive imbalanced structures, installing strong manufacturing segments, and placing pipes are just a few of the applications.

What is a rubber-tyred gantry crane?

Rubber-tyred gantry cranes are a type of mobile gantry crane that is often used to stack containers at ports. It simplifies, is safer, and more efficient container handling. Rubber-tired gantry cranes are also commonly employed to lift and transfer concrete beams, assemble massive manufacturing components, and position pipes in various engineering projects.

This sort of mobile crane is available in a variety of specs and configurations to suit various yard operations. We may also modify the crane to match your exact needs at factory pricing. The rubber-tyred gantry crane is an excellent choice for handling huge loads because it is both effective and adaptable.

A conventional gantry crane is a solid structure that mounts a railway or roadway. A cable connecting to linkage points on a storage container is lowered by the crane. The crane then lifts the container and either stack it with other intermodal containers or loads it onto rail trains or flatbed trucks for transport.

Purpose of rubber-tyred gantry crane:

The list of machinery employed in the industrial sector is broad, including gantry cranes, forklifts, reach stackers, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, and articulated trucks. If user-friendly safety precautions are not in place, the majority of them can be dangerous.

Rubber-tired gantry cranes are a unique type of hoisting gear. It is mostly used to move international standard containers by removing, stacking, offloading, and delivering them. It has the features of great productivity, excellent agility, and poor resistance to uneven ground.

There are two types of RTG trolleys: tractor trolleys and regular trolleys. The cable drum provides electricity to RTG. When the electricity goes out, or the crane travels to another site, the diesel generator is ready to go.

Rubber wheel gantry cranes are commonly used to assemble, load, and unload cargo in warehouses, container yards, ports, material yards, and workshops. Cabin control, remote control, or a hanging line with a push-button are all options for operation.

The hoisting mechanism module, trolley traction mechanism module, trolley assembly module, steel structure module, foundation module, general module, and so on are all formed by RTG crane according to the basic principles of products. The manufacture of standard modules ensures product quality and reduces delivery time.

Advantages of using rubber-tyred gantry cranes:

Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTG) are particularly useful for stacking conventional containers efficiently. RTGs were originally powered by diesel generator systems due to their mobility. There has been a definite trend toward electrification of RTGs in recent years. As a result, motorised cable reels are critical components for retrofitting RTG cranes around the world in order to considerably reduce overall fuel usage.

At a glance, there are several advantages:

  • Low energy usage results in cost-effective solutions.
  • Defence against fluctuating oil costs
  • Superior to diesel generators in terms of efficiency
  • There is no time lost due to refuelling.
  • Maintenance downtime is reduced.
  • Significant CO2 emissions decrease
  • Beneficial to the environment due to the removal of numerous chemicals

There are many different types of gantry cranes available presently, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. A rubber-tyred gantry crane is one of these varieties, and it has some outstanding applications in special scenarios. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of using a rubber-tyred gantry crane in your business and how you can utilise it to boost your company’s overall efficiency and productivity.


Though these cranes have a list of advantages over other options accessible today, it is crucial to keep in mind that not all crane manufacturers are known for producing high-quality heavy gear. As a result, you’ll need to conduct your own investigation in order to get your hands on an amazing rubber tyred gantry crane.

In a basic sense, it means that you will be able to take the gantry crane wherever you want because it is not powered by special tracks that bind it to a specific area.

It can be quickly shifted to any location because it runs on rubber tyres, allowing you to lift heavy objects. Although it is true that running on rubber tyres limits its weight-lifting capacity because these tyres cannot handle as much weight as steel rails, they can still be employed profitably in a range of conditions.

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