What is a WordPress Theme Detector? How to Discover Best Plugins and Themes with WordPress Theme Detector?

WordPress Theme Detector

Have you ever come across a WordPress website and become curious about which theme it might be using? Or what plugins the site used to achieve that certain look or feature? If your answer is yes, then you will be glad to know that there is a number of different ways to find out. Using a WordPress theme detector is the best and easiest method. These are online tools that scan the code of the site for you and do a good job of finding what plugins and themes it is using.

What is a WordPress Theme Detector?

As the name suggests, it is an online tool that scans a WordPress website’s code and tries to identify the theme it is using. Once the scan is completed, these tools provide the store link of the theme so you can purchase it. Some WP theme detectors are advanced and can identify the plugins the WordPress site is running. While these tools have certain limitations, e.g., they may fail if the website uses a custom theme, etc., they are pretty useful overall.

There are many WordPress theme detectors available. The Themesinfo WP theme detector is a recommended choice.

Why Choose Themesinfo WP Theme Detector?

Themesinfo WP Theme Detector is one of the best WordPress theme detectors available on the market. It is recommended because of its ease of use and effectiveness. Up to now, the online tool has managed to scan over 14 million sites to help users find the themes/plugins they want to use. In fact, this theme detector has discovered all known WordPress themes since it was introduced.

Apart from being a very efficient WordPress theme detector, Themesinfo also has a large database of popular free and commercial WordPress themes. You can use the tool to find a list of popular themes, top WordPress theme authors, and popular plugins that WordPress sites use.

How to Use it

Using Themesinfo WP theme detector to learn about the theme/plugins a WordPress website is using is quite straightforward, thanks to the accessible and friendly interface of the tool. Follow these instructions:

  1. One of your favorite web browser, visit and click on the WP  detector option.
  2. In the search bar, input the URL or domain of a WordPress website that you wish to scan and then click on the Detect button.
  3. Within seconds, the tool will display the details of the site’s theme and plugins.

The information that the tool provides is comprehensive. It includes the following:

  • Theme name
  • Author
  • Theme used on
  • Theme folder
  • Version
  • Theme homepage
  • Author homepage
  • Detected WordPress plugins
  • Domain information

You can use this information to look for the particular theme/plugin on your WordPress to download and install it.

Use Chrome Extension for a Faster, Improved Experience

If you are looking for a faster way to identify WordPress themes/plugins used on a website, it is recommended that you install the free Chrome Extension of WP theme detector. This browser extension uses a fast server-side API for optimal performance. After installation, the extension icon will help you quickly scan the WordPress website for information. It turns blue if the website you are viewing is a WordPress site. The icon remains grey when the site being viewed is a non-WordPress site.

WordPress has so many stunning themes and useful plugins out there that it can be challenging to decide which ones to choose. If you stumble upon a WordPress site and you like its design and layout, you now have a powerful tool, Themesinfo WP theme detector, to find out exactly what it’s using.

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