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What Is an App Development Platform And Why Does It Matter?


If you’re looking to create your app, you will be interested to know how a mobile or web application is developed in 2020. You may be familiar with the model of independent app developers or specialized software houses that provide you with their app development services.

This process is usually costly and time-consuming and involves the programmers writing new sets of code for your app. However, nowadays, a new and more streamlined method of app development is taking over.

This method doesn’t involve you learning any coding languages, and it’s as easy as selecting your favorite pizza toppings for online order. To find out how you can design top-quality apps with an app development platform, read on!

What is an App Development Platform?

To illustrate our point, we’re going to take a closer look at one of the leading app development platforms on the market, This online platform allows you to select from a wide variety of pre-made app templates inspired by each industry’s best.

You can create numerous types of apps, from an eCommerce platform like eBay, or a grocery store app like Best Buy. The entire process is interactive through their well-designed user interface, and you can mix and match different features according to your needs with just a few clicks, as their AI guides you.

Once you’ve selected your preferred app template and features, you can immediately start planning for your app’s delivery and post-launch support features. The critical thing to remember is that app development platforms like don’t write your app’s code from scratch, and this allows them to deliver you high-quality apps efficiently at a fraction of market time and cost. capitalizes on code reusability and personalizes it to meet your unique requirements. This method has various advantages over a more traditional model of app development.

Why Are App Development Platforms Beneficial?

App development platforms like offer massive savings in terms of development costs. Their development process is much faster and less expensive than creating an app from scratch with all new code.

Consequently, their apps are also more convenient and quicker to fix, since the code they use has been tested rigorously, and there are various plugins and software updates available for any problem. They also offer Cloud services to help you not just build, but run and scale your app or website.

For stores or online businesses, having your app is a surefire way to increase sales, and doesn’t charge you any commission on sales when you use their platform to develop your eCommerce app.

Most importantly, in the current climate of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to rely on the traditional methods of development. App development platforms such as provide customers with an excellent alternative that will provide them with high-quality software applications at reasonable prices and in record time.

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App development platforms will slowly but surely take over the way we develop software and soon become the industry standard. This is due to its convenience to the end-user, as they can be directly involved with the creation and design process of their apps.

It also makes app development more accessible to a broader range of people, and individuals that may not have ventured out to a software development house to create their idea will surely be more tempted to bring their ideas to life with app development platforms.

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