What is DNS Leak? And How Can You Fix It?

What is DNS Leak? And How Can You Fix It?


The DNS stands by Dynamic Name System which is used to interpret domain names into numerical IP addresses ( This transformation service is typically executed by your ISP, using its DNS servers.

What is a DNS leak?

A DNS Leak is when, due to software issues, your ISP is capable to track your internet activities, in spite of whether you are using a VPN or not. What is a DNS Leak? When you use a VPN service, the DNS demand should be in retreat through the VPN tunnel to your VPN provider’s DNS servers to a certain extent than those of your ISP. On the other hand, it is to a certain extent common for Windows the main offender for this problem although never say never for OSX and Linux to in its place use its default settings, and send the request to the ISP’s DNS server rather than in the course of the VPN tunnel.

DNS Leak Test:

To perform a DNS leak test simply go to on the website. Make sure the outcomes to take care that you be familiar with the IP numbers. In fastidious, any result that shows your real site or that be in the right place to your ISP means that you have a DNS leak. These consequences all look ok to us, so we know we do not have a DNS leak.

DNS Leak Fix:

If you would like to stop a DNS leak, or just wish for to put a stop to the possibility of one happening, there are a number of come within reach of you can take.

1. Use A VPN Customer With Fixed DNS Leak Safeguard:

It is by distant the simplest way, but unhappily, only a few VPN providers supply this option. Those that do include:

  • personal Internet Access and Settings/DNS Leak Protection
  • Mullvad and Settings/Stop DNS leaks
  • TorGuard and Automatic
  • These clients also feature an internet take life key.

2. Change DNS Servers And Get Hold Of A Motionless IP:

Even if not severely verbal communication attach, altering DNS servers makes sure that your ISP is not questioning on you. Most VPN providers will be in high spirits to give you their DNS server particulars, or you can way your requirements in the course of a public DNS server for example those on hand by Google Public DNS, Open DNS, and Comodo Secure DNS.

3. Use VPN Check As Pro Version:

The pro version of VPN Check includes DNS Leak Protection. Here is how to go on the subject of location it up. Download, install as well as run VPN Check. On the main screen click Config.

Then make sure that the DNS leak fix box is checked. It is also almost surely value stating some programs such as your favorite Bit Torrent customer that you want to shut down in the occasion of a VPN releasing at the same time as you are at it.

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