What is heavy copper PCB? Benefits and Applications

What is heavy copper PCB

There is great demand for heavy copper PCBs as society develops. Now heavy copper PCBs in various electronic industries are commonly used. Heavy copper technology can generally perform complicated switches over limited space, which combine high current circuitry with heat dissipation. The most popular designs we know are multilayer and double-sided. Furthermore, the thick copper PCB technology enables large layout structures to be combined in external layers with heavy copper layers in internal layers.

What is Heavy Copper PCB?

What is Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCB is also known as thick copper PCB in the inner and outer layers of the printed circuit board with three or more oz (oz). The circuit board is known as heavy copper PCB with a copper thickness greater than 4 oz per square foot (ft2). Extreme copper means 20 ounces per ft2 to 200 ounces per ft2.

The heavy copper platform is because the thicker plating in the trough circuits and the proper substrate combined with copper weight is the stable wiring platform. Heavy copper conductors will significantly increase the entire PCB thickness, and copper thickness needs to be considered as a PCB design. Thick copper’s width and thickness decide the current carrying capacity.

The advantages of Heavy Copper PCB?

The key advantage of heavy copper PCBs is that they can support frequency at extreme current, higher temperatures, and recurring thermal cycles, damaging a single circuit board in seconds. There is also high demand in electronic, automobile, military, and industrial control for heavy copper PCBs.

For other purposes, the heavy copper PCB board is often used. There are also some other advantages of heavy copper PCB as follows:

  1. Compact package size due to several weights of copper on the same circuit layer;
  2. Onboard planar transformers of high-power density.
  3. Heavy copper-plated vias pass the high current via the PCB and are suitable to transfer heat to an external heat sink.

Heavy copper PCB features and  capabilities

Victory PCB is an established PCB manufacturer capable of developing and producing the highest quality superior heavy copper PCB product. A thick copper PCB production service with copper weights of up to 13oz is offered. Check our capabilities in the table below:

Feature Capability
Material FR-4 Standard Tg 140°C, FR4-High Tg 170°C


Min. Track/Spacing For External layers:                

· 4oz Cu 9mil/9mil,5oz Cu 11mil/11mil

· 6oz Cu 13mil/13mil,12oz Cu 20mil/32mil

For Internal layers:                

· 4oz Cu 8mil/12mil,5oz Cu 10mil/14mil

· 6oz Cu 12mil/16mil,12oz Cu 20mil/32mil


Min. Hole Size                 10mil
Max Outer Layer Copper Weight (Finished)                 15oz
Max Inner Layer Copper Weight                 12oz
Board Thickness 0.6-6mm
Surface Finishing                 HASL lead free, Immersion gold, OSP, Hard Gold, Immersion Silver, Enepig
Solder Mask                 Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte Black, Matte green
Silkscreen                 White, Black
Via Process                 Tenting Vias, Plugged Vias, Vias not covered
Testing                 Fly Probe Testing (Free) and A.O.I. testing
Build time                 5-10 days
Lead time                 2-3 days


Heavy copper PCB Application

Heavy copper PCBs have now been commonly used in various electronic industries, such as heat dissipation, high power delivery, planar transformers and power converters, etc. There is also high demand in electronic, automobile, military, and industrial control for heavy copper PCBs.

For other purposes, the heavy copper PCB board is often used:

  1. Power supplies, power converters
  2. Automotive industry
  3. Welding equipment
  4. Power distribution
  5. Power Line Monitors
  6. Torque Controls
  7. Overload Relays
  8. Protection Relays
  9. Solar panel manufacturers and so on.

In PCB production, heavy copper PCBs require unique technology to make operations difficult and to have specific technical limits. So heavy copper PCBs are more costly than other standard circuit boards to build even if the price is not low, the highest quality, and service.

Victory PCB is one of the most experienced PCB and PCB assembly manufacturers in China, with several years as an industry pioneer. We are highly qualified not only for quick-turn PCB prototype and PCB assembly, but we also make medium-volume and small-volume PCB production. Our objective is to satisfy our customers, so we will do our best to produce your board with the highest quality to suit your requirements.

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