What is it like to live in Business Bay – Apartments and Villas that are up for grabs

The UAE’s business bay just as the name suggest, is the business hub of Dubai city. You can consider it the most commercially inclined area developed for companies, corporations, personal and technological businesses, etc. On one hand, it could be considered a maxi-market place where all business-related itinerary and services can be accessed, but knowing Dubai and how deliberate developers are about beauty and elegance, it is much more than a business hub.

Are there cool residential options in the Business Bay?

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Business Bay is that people assume that it is all

business and nothing else.

That is not true! The Business Bay is also home to so many amazing residential buildings with all of the amenities needed for comfortable living. For example, business bay accommodates more than 200 attractive buildings of both residential and commercial fittings/ designs.

Geographically speaking, the business bay sits pretty in the pulsation of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and very close to

Downtown Dubai, Dubai metro, and only about 20-minute drive from the airport.

For people looking forward to uplifting their lifestyle by securing apartments in Business Bay the UAE, the location is beyond doubt the most recommended locality due to its uniqueness and

outstanding wide residential areas.
Apart from its location, other benefits of living in Business

Bay includes the provision of facilities and amenities such as

 gyms, cafes, mall, skyscrapers, waterside restaurants, swimming pools, clinics, and

 day-care creches for babies.

Some of the most distinguished learning centres for children in Business Bay include:

  1. The English College Al- Safa,
  2.  Hummingbird Nursery Bay Square,
  3. JSS private school,
  4. Jumeirah English speaking schools, etc.


Next thing to discuss is mobility to and fro the Business Bay in Dubai. There are many transport channels that residents can use, ranging from taxi, car, and bus respectively. There is also easy access to major roads, which leads into other areas of the city.

Most popular communities in Business Bay for apartments and villas

Now, it is time to dive right into the topic of the day.

It is well known that Business bay houses multiple marketable building which consists of high-profile ranking offices, shops, malls, hotels, restaurant, schools, and Banks.

The locality is theideal place for professional workers and it also has some of the most popular

hotel chains in the world such as Marriot, Oberoi, and Taj.

To get more exclusive information on popular communities in Business

Bay the UAE, kindly read more on the official website

Most of these properties  have drawn the attention of purchasers, foreigners, investors and even indigenes alike. Some of the most famous communities to live in or own property in Dubai are:

  • The ExecutiveTowers:
  • This is part of the most remarkable sky scrapers in Business Bay; it was developedby Dubai Properties Group. These notable structures are very conspicuous and easy to notice; about twelve in total, split into eleven home/ domestic buildings and one corporate building. Other than being obvious, the towers stand at a height of 68 Ms in the area, its element also comprises penthouses of 608 meter squares and duplexes.

The tower provides no limitations to a precise unit type and it also has a clinic for emergencies.

It sits pretty at the Muqstaqbal Street, UAE and you can easily access Business bay

Metro station, JBR, Burj Khalifa, and Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary from there.

  • ParamountHotel and Resorts
    Another property in the Business Bay that is worthy of mention is the Paramount Hotel and Resorts also known as the Damac Towers. It is made up of four gigantic towers of 85 metre square bordering each other. There are numerous sizes for the skyscrapers and many apartment options such that you choose the most suitable one for you. The modern interiors and decoration designs are top notch and impressive. The Damac towers are in close proximity with the Dubai Opera and foundations, the international airport and other major city centres.
  • The MeranoTower

The 30 floored Merano Tower is another major residential site in Business Bay.
The units are of high quality and the interior is extravagant to no fault, if you need to experience a flawless life, it is a great start. The building is located on Marasi Dr, Business Bay, UAE. It has all the requisite amenities needed for a flamboyant and comfortable life.


There are some other nice residential spots on the Business Bay, such as the Ontario Tower which is considered as one of the most marketable buildings for residential purposes, it has well-furnished modern cabinets, marbles, appliances, and wardrobes. The Mayfair Tower is also worthy of mention as one of the high standard properties which is much less expensive compared to the others, and lastly, the Capital Bay Towers of Business Bay.

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