What is Rear Differential and how its work? Complete Guide

What is Rear Differential and how its work? Complete Guide

There is a specific task for every components of a vehicle that assist vehicle to keep moving forward and gives better performance for long time. What if? The few of the components start causing problems and indirectly rest will affect by it. You just have to determine the cause behind it and which part is actually affected.

As we are talking about modern spare parts of automobiles, you must have heard about Rear Differential which are few simple pieces of gear components, these differentials are responsible for integral role, how your car or vehicle moves, turn etc. Such components play very important role for your car and consider as one of the most important part.

The concept of these Differentials allows the wheels to mount and move independently on some specific axle. It is now an ancient design as first of its instance, however the size was little big at the time of the invention of the automobiles such as chariots, carts and wagons.

Well! If there is any damage occurs to the Rear Differential it is consider as quite costly and may harm you financially, but if you are well aware with such differential functionalities you can easily find a better and trustworthy mechanic who is dedicatedly repair rear end parts for such damages.

In the below guide, you will learn more about these Rear End Differential, we have mentioned every thin information for such parts so that we can provide the better guidance for it. Without any delay, let the information spare.

What is Rear Differential? What are its types?

It is one of the automobile component of a vehicle, basically responsible for rotational speed, moves and turns. It is a gear train consists with three shafts which manage the speed of rear wheel. The differential connects half of the shaft with axle of the vehicle.These are specifically designed to manage or drive a pair of wheels to rotate & turn wheels with different speed. Also responsible for changing the direction of wheel speed, turns and its moves. The Rear Differential consists with gears that assist them to make changes in the direction of rear in axles such as 90-degree change.  These are only responsible to direct the direction not for the vehicle but for the wheel.

Types of Rear End Differential

  • Limited-Slip Differential: have a complicated system with combined benefits of locked and open rear differential. It has different form of resistance to achieve some effects.
  • Open Differential: it has two halves of an axle with each end gear which are connected by third gear. It has usually a supplemented gear to add more strengths to it.
  • Locked Differential: only found in off road vehicles, one of the variant found in few. It has the ability to get locked in a place and creates a fixed and independent axle. It totally depends on the vehicle because can happens automatically or can be manually.
  • Torque-Vectoring Differential: can work without fluid or clutches for resistance. It has added warm gear layer for the traditional gear setup for open differential.
  • Welded Differential: can spin both wheels simultaneously, it has permanent welded open differential, which makes it entirely different from others.

Looking for Common Rear Differential Repairs

Below mentioning few common repairs which might cause issues and you need proper service for the same. First look for the which rear is affected then look for the service only from expert mechanics.

  • Sealing the piston of rear differential
  • Replace gasket of rear
  • Replace the bearing of differential
  • Seal the side of differential
  • Replace the gear of rear

Final Words

Whenever you need assistance in respect to your vehicle Rear Differential, only contact the trusted and experienced one for the concern. To quickly get rid of such malfunctions need of expert assistance.


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