What is the Benefit of Cross Connection

Data centers make use of the concept of cross connection. While it may seem like something very indirect, it’s simply a point-to-point connection that is set up between two hardware devices within the facility. However, direct connections are made outside of the data center whenever possible. This comes in the form of ExpressRoute and even Microsoft Azure. 

Carrier-neutral centers tend to use single cross-connect cables that are connected to either a local internet service provider or the cloud. Since it is a point-to-point connection, a physical cable runs between servers connecting them. This is done to remove the issue of intermediaries. 

Hence, nothing comes between the services that customers receive and the network infrastructure that belongs to the vendors. When it comes to the concept of interconnected cabling, regular public internet is avoided since data centers are involved. As such, data is transmitted within the confines of a secure network. Find out more about Beeks cross connectivity.

Reduced Latency

Cross connected cables provide a huge advantage known as reduced latency. Due to the distance involved, some connections are rather slow since they travel from one end of a network all the way to another and then back to the start. While modern technology employs the use of fiber optic cables, they still heavily rely on the laws of physics. This just simply means that on some days delays should be expected and this stands even if the data can be transmitted faster than the speed of light. 

Since the need for data increases on a yearly basis, companies are beginning to turn to data centers that offer cross connect solutions. This simply eliminates the issues caused by the distance between both provider and the customer. Customers using cloud computing services rely on colocation to improve their performance via interconnected cabling. 

Better Security

Another main benefit associated with cross connect solutions is that they can bypass the entire public internet system. Besides the latency reduction, when sensitive data is transferred it can be intercepted by cyberattacks and middlemen. While transmitted data is encrypted, there exists a high possibility that it can be easily intercepted and later compromised via the local internet. 

Multi-cloud and hybrid solutions will easily create a private connection between both parties. This is done with the use of the cross connect cable and it allows organizations to easily reduce the exposure that their data receives. Hence, all types of sensitive data will stay protected behind the privacy of a user’s network. 

This stays true in nature unless cloud computing resources are required. Assets are not easily compromised since they travel through a ton of protected resources and they’re not exposed in any way at all to public internet services. 

Superior Reliability

The idea of system downtime automatically generates a cringe-fest for anyone within the industry. Even if a couple of seconds is experienced, severe financial losses can be incurred. However, while it may seem easy to put attention to the SLA which is provided by the data center, the availability of the system must be determined. 

In essence, the reliability of another system would be quite complex. So, when public internet is accessed for different services, there can be a number of different failure points. This also results in customers’ services running while their IPS is experiencing an outage somewhere else within the network. 

When cross connect cable services are used, the network’s strong points are heavily accounted for. When users plug directly into the provider’s servers, they significantly reduce the issues that are typically seen. When high performance is needed, the system availability also needs to be high. Hence, cross connect services within a data center are very important.

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