What is The Best Ways to Resell SEO Services


With the growing demand for SEO services by businesses, digital agencies have no option but to opt to resell SEO services. Therefore, it’s definitely a piece of good news for all the SEO resellers out there. However, on the other hand, the point to ponder is how to find your niche and crack the deal amidst such competition. So, here we bring you extensive detail on the best ways to resell SEO services:

Mandates before making that pitch:

1. Know your skill: The first aspect that would help you stand out in the competition is your knowledge and competence as an agency. Ensure that you are capable enough to provide all the SEO services expected from the digital agency/client. The fact that SEO encompasses a gamut of services, for you to win the competition must know it all. Must have an expert team that has SEO experts, web designers and writers. In addition, you must also have access to all the latest SEO tools that assure you can deliver. In addition, also have access to a healthy digital network that supports you to build organic traffic.

2. Let others know about you: When you say you are a trustworthy SEO service provider, you need to show that in action by having your business SEO done to the T. Start your expertise by building your business first. Ensure that the first impression of you is impactful and makes it clear what you can do as a service provider.

3. Know your client: It is imperative to know who and what is your prospective client before actually making the pitch. This is also a great way to give the prospective a live demo of what your capacity is. Thus, detailed SWOT analysis of the client’s digital presence can actually help you crack the deal. This analysis makes the client know how good you are as an SEO expert service provider and how keen you are in associating with the client.

4. Know how to project yourself: You know you are the best at what you do, but you need to know how to convey the same. In other words, don’t approach the client with the mindset that the client needs you and you are the perfect fit. Make your client feel that just like him, you too are looking for a great collaboration. Your aim is to create a win-win situation.

5. Know what you are signing up for: Not just for the client but know your SWOT as well. This will help you know what all resell SEO services you can promise to deliver. Just as it is important to know client expectation, it is equally important to define what a client can expect from you in terms of deliverables. Therefore, don’t sign up for things that you can’t deliver just for the sake of cracking the deal. By doing so, if not that moment, you will lose the client sometime later.

6. Know to customize: Thanks to the competition, there are various SEO service providers offering various packages and services. Therefore, you should also be open to customization. You may say, you too have packages but to crack the deal, you must know how to create a package that best suits the client’s service and budget requirement.

7. Know your competitors: Just like you research your prospective client, similarly, to sustain competition, you need to know who are you competing with? In other words, knowing who are your competitors, what are their offerings and who are their clients will help you understand how to position yourself. This not only helps the client know what makes you unique but also makes you feel confident that you have an edge over your competitors.

During the pitch meeting

You have done your prep and ready to make the kickass sales pitch. So, here are some pointers that you need to remember during the pitch meeting:

1. You have done your research, but that doesn’t mean you take charge of the conversation and act as Ms. Know it All. Keep your information to yourself and use it when needed. Let the client speak. Be a patient listener.

2. Be presentable. Yes, your knowledge would speak for you, but there is nothing wrong to get to the meeting well dressed. Just like that SEO rule that the digital presence must look good, similarly, you should be dressed well, preferably formals for that first pitch meeting.

3. Don’t make your client feel that he is doing the right thing by hiring you. Make the client feel that you will do the best if hired. The former makes the client feel you are being boastful, whereas the latter helps you win your client’s confidence.

4. Don’t let your client respond or take a decision immediately. Don’t make the meeting a take it or leave it situation. Consider the meeting has a beginning. Therefore, the first meeting focus on understanding each other and discussing the common synergies that can be created. Therefore, end the meeting with an open end.

Post the pitch meeting

You are done making that pitch and eagerly waiting to know the results. So, here is what you need to do/remember post the pitch meeting:

1. Don’t follow immediately. Give your client to think and get back to. Ideally, following up after two three days is recommended.

2. Remember that no one has ever managed to crack the deal in the first meeting. Therefore, post the meeting be ready to come up with a plan B based on your client’s feedback, inputs and concerns.

3. Just for the sake of avoiding any confusion, post-meeting and before closing the deal, ensure you to a clear run through of what has been agreed upon.

4. In case the deal has not gone through, instead of feeling dejected and ending the association dry, try and understand why the client refused the deal. This will help you improve the sales pitch.

Thus, with this detailed run-through, you can be sure of making that best pitch and cracking through the deal. Also are you looking for best link building service check Do seo backlinking with blogger outreach for high quality link building by Seorightway | Fiverr

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