What is the Forex Fury Strategy?

Forex Fury has enjoyed some limelight for several years. This forex expert advisor (EA) promises a 93 percent win rate and 100 percent verified trading results. It includes all necessary setting files that forex traders can utilize to optimize their strategies. It also provides safe trading due to low drawdown.

The developers of Forex Fury are not new to the forex markets and even gained lots of reviews on investment and trading forums. They are dedicated to helping traders become successful and make it happen through an impressive set of features, continuous updates, and innovation.

Forex Fury handles all challenges that the market will throw at traders. This trading bot is perfect for traders of all types, from beginners to experienced traders. It also provides an easy installation process and ease of use.

When it comes to trading strategy, this forex EA uses a combination of scalping and time-restricted strategies. It opens trades within one hour daily, ensuring less volatile market movements. With this tested and proven strategy, traders can take advantage of multiple currency pairs.

Traders have the choice not to change the settings but still have the freedom and flexibility to experiment with their creativity and trading knowledge. In other words, this trading bot helps you grow as a trader while simplifying the whole trading process.

Keep reading and get more familiar with time-restricted and scalping strategies. This scalping strategy by Forex Robot Nation will help you if you like robots or not.

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Time-Restricted Approach 

Many Forex Fury users appreciate its time-restricted because of the satisfying outcomes. That is especially true for traders who want to trade with calculated risks or a limited budget. This classic strategy also allows them to work easily on the M15 timeframe.

Since Forex Fury’s trading approach is mainly based on fundamental time restriction properties, traders can limit their losses because of the operation on a stipulated time period. It opens trades at 4 to 5 PM EST.

Unlike other trading robots available on the market that trade the whole day, Forex Fury concentrates on trading in and out within 1 to 2 hours per day. In return, it successfully tests 100x more data than other EAs. Other EAs go wrong when trying to code massive projects with plenty of variants at a time.

Scalping Approach 

Scalping strategy involves trading currencies according to real-time analyses to earn profits on moves in exchange rates. Traders can take positions in currencies for a short time, known as high-frequency trading. Then, they will book offsetting trades.

This trading strategy is popular among novice traders. High-frequency trading enables quick real-time gains and prevents swaps. Forex Fury allows scalping training in its demo accounts, which helps beginners improve reaction speed and learn the importance of understanding the financial market members’ behavior intuitively.

It is recommended that beginners train scalping when dealing with long-term trading strategies. This strategy visually displays gliding problems and helps train attention. It suggests placing orders short distances from the opening points.

Traders leave the trade in a short period as soon as the prices chance at a few points. They should make dozens of those transactions within a day to make a profit, but the number is not quite necessary, if traders want to ensure a successful scalping, they must pick goof time associated with predictable volatility.

Forex traders consider scalping a viable strategy due to low barriers to entry into the forex trading world. This strategy requires less knowledge of established trading theories and the forex market. It enables traders to easily get in and out of the trading positions because the market is liquid and large. This trading strategy is also an excellent choice for traders who do not want to wait for trades to close.

Martingale Strategy

Aside from the time-restricted and scalping approach, Forex Fury also features a martingale strategy. This strategy was often practiced in the gambling halls of casinos. It is the primary reason why casinos currently come with betting minimums and maximums.

This trading strategy relies on the mean reversion theory. If there are many supplies of money to get positive results, traders have to endure missed traders, leading to risk their investment. The amount they may risk on the trades is higher than the potential gains. However, there are several ways to improve the strategy and boost the chances of succeeding.

With the martingale strategy, traders increase the amount dedicated to investments, even if the value may fall, with the view of future increases. It is a form of negative progression involving upping the position size whenever traders make a loss. They eventually end up recouping their initial bet.

When trading on a forex platform, traders have to determine which currency pairs they want to currency pairs. They have to open a trade by setting a profit and stop loss and then wait for the trade to take place. If traders lose, they double the trade size and stick with the martingale strategy until they make money.

The forex market is attractive to traders who comfortably use the martingale strategy and have considerable capital. They usually utilize the interest earned to compensate for their losses and then wait for trades to turn in their favor.

A martingale strategy comes with some risks, but the following tips will help improve the chances of winning:

  • Take time to get familiar with the martingale strategy by practicing with demo accounts.
  • Minimize the doubling down. It is recommended not to exceed more than five trades.
  • Use the strategy within the ranging market, ensuring less chance of being stuck within the currency pair trend.
  • Always keep a specific maximum loss per trade.
  • Keep the trade size proportionally small compared to the capital to endure the higher trades later on.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, Forex Fury is a highly recommended EA. Traders can use the EA’s features to improve their chances of gaining profits. This forex EA is also equipped with tested and proven strategies to enhance the traders’ market experience. They can also trade multiple currencies without worrying about volatile market movements. Happy trading!