What SEO Related Features Should You Consider When Building Your Website?


Do you have a specific niche you are planning to venture into? Do you have a business idea? Do you have products you want to sell or maybe you have services you can offer to people, whatever the case is, when venturing into a business or niche chances are, you’ll need a website to thrive. 

Creating a website is one thing and creating a Google-friendly (SEO) website is another. Most people don’t usually know the difference because they let an SEO service agency carry out the designs but you on the other want to do it yourself. In that case, you’ll need to be aware of the SEO related features you should consider when building your website. Lucky for you, you made it to this blog post and in today’s guide, I’ll be telling the SEO related features to consider if you want to build an SEO website or as they say a Google-friendly website.

SEO Features to Consider When Building a Website 

Use a responsive design capable of connecting with mobile users

When building an SEO-friendly website, people often find it difficult to determine the crucial elements that’ll help your business grow. Responsive design is one of the crucial elements you should consider if you want to build an SEO-friendly website capable of driving traffic and growing your business.

A responsive design makes it possible for your audience to comfortably navigate through your website regardless of the device they choose to use in accessing your website. Responsive design optimizes the page to get them the best version of your page for the device they are using.

Formatting and page layout 

When building a page, your page layout is an important aspect that shouldn’t be neglected if you intend to build a Google-friendly or SEO-friendly website. The layout of a page could be anything ranging from the contents, pictures, size of text, links, etc., on your page.

Why are they important? Imagine visiting a website with little fonts that are hard to read or one using fonts that are too big. How would you feel navigating through the site? Unhappy, right? You’d quickly go off to find a related site with better page optimization. That’s why it’s important to use an average font size when building your web page. 

Additionally, avoid using flash moderation to intakes if possible because they can shield your site’s content from search engines. 

Plan website structure 

Another important aspect to look at is your website layout. Before carrying out your coding or website building, it’s important to layout the main features of the website and you can do that on paper or via any online tool built for that purpose.

This step is similar to having a blueprint of a house reading before building the main house. By taking your time to plan out the links, buttons, and where each content will be located on the page, you will be preventing fewer mistakes when building the main website. 

Navigation and user experience

Consider your website’s navigation (usability) and user experience when building a website. The usability of a website refers to how easy it is to navigate or browse through the website and the overall experience of a user visiting the website. Your website’s loading time (speed) is another important element to consider in this section.

Navigation is an important feature to consider when building a website because if it’s difficult for a user to navigate from one section of your website to another (possibly due to a slower loading time), the user may not stay long enough to be converted into leads or sales. The first impression matter, if your website makes the users struggle they’ll refrain from visiting your website in future even though your site gets ranked #1 for the keywords searched.

Hence, before launching your website, use tools to test your website and also have real users navigate through the website to help you identify errors or bad links (if any) so they can be fixed in order to enable your users to have the best experience. To achieve the best result, you may have to test your website severally before launching.

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