What should you know about converting YouTube videos to Mp3?

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YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing platforms with millions of videos uploaded on a consistent basis. The video sharing social media platform has grown exponentially throughout the years with an ever increasing user base and content creators. The platform was first created in 2005 by a group of three former PayPal employees and then it was bought by Google in 2006 for a staggering price of $1.65 billion. YouTube provides easy access to the users and the capability for sharing videos conveniently on its platform. The easy accessibility is one of the reasons why YouTube is incredibly popular amongst the masses. 

The different tools for YouTube download and conversion

YouTube is one of the giants in the industry and it’s the second most visited platform or website after Google according to the latest numbers. YouTube allows the users to browse through the videos based on the channels that they are subscribed to. Additionally there is also an option of following specific topics or subjects so that your page will be curated based on those interests. As you are browsing the YouTube page you might come across a video that is fascinating or useful for you so you want to save it on your device or computer for offline viewing at any time in the future. There are a number of tools, programs and online resources that enable the downloading of the YouTube videos on your system. Besides the downloading, if you want to convert YouTube to Mp3 then you also get the option of converting these videos into different formats such as MP3. 

There are a number of different YouTube video downloaders, YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4 programs and online utility applications available on the internet. You can compare the different features of these programs, their functionality and based on their ease of usage and suitability you can choose any specific software tool for downloading and converting the YouTube videos. Let us have a look at a couple of tools for downloading and converting the YouTube videos on your devices., This site supports downloading videos from YouTube and it comes with an inbuilt converter for converting YouTube videos to 4K, MP3, MP4 and HD resolution. This tool provides support to various video and audio formats. itubego also provides the added functionality of searching movies and series online for the subtitles when you choose to download any of the videos. It is one of the best Youtube downloader and convertor tools in the market that provides efficient solutions to a range of end-user requirements. There is a separate app for the Android users and this app comes equipped with all the features and functionality which makes it one of the highest rated apps on the market. This app also has critical acclaim with several reviewers and tech websites giving it substantially positive reviews and recommendations. The provides a simple and effective solution to download the YouTube videos on your device. All you have to do is visit the website and there you will find a textbox on the top of the page. You can copy paste the YouTube URL in that text box and then click on the start button. After that you have to choose the format of the file in which you want to download the video and choose the video quality. Once you have done that you can click on the download button. When the video is downloaded, you can choose to play it at your own convenience whenever you want. Some of the features that you get with includes superfast download and conversion of YouTube videos, easy functionality, support for video download and conversion to MP3 at its highest quality and unlimited downloads available free of cost. The also provides YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to Mp4  conversion functionalities. 

Before you go ahead and download any of the YouTube downloading and conversion tools it is important to look at the reviews and analysis of that specific app. This will help you in choosing the right software or tool that provides efficient solutions for a range of video downloading and editing requirements. The customer feedback also provides useful guidance in choosing the right YouTube downloader and converter tool. 


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