What Should You Know About Your Customer and Why: Checklist


Understanding your customers is essential, as they can assist you in getting more leads, as well as growing your business. Besides, it’s also key to providing them with good products or services. This, in turn, leads to better customer relationships, and improved sales. However, most people think that it’s easy to know their customers—but practically it’s not. You will need a lot of thoughtful analysis, and research to know their purchase patterns or preferences. This will in turn help you understand their needs. 

With that said, let’s look at the things that you should know about your customers. 

Who are your customers?

If you sell your services or products directly to customers, you need to find out their age, gender, as well as occupation. On the other hand, if you sell your services or products to other businesses, you must know their industry, business size, as well as the type of business they operate. For instance, is it a big multinational company or a small private business? Getting this information will assist you in identifying a related business that you can target. 

What do your customers do?

If you are dealing with business, it’s a good idea to understand the goals and objectives of the business. And, if you are dealing with individuals directly, it’s good to know their interests and occupations. 

Why do they buy from you?

Understanding the reasons why customers buy your products or services makes it easier for you to match their needs with the products or services that your business provides. 

What are the internal factors that trigger the need to buy from your business?

There are several factors that might cause your customers to buy from you. Some of these factors include the launch of a new product, merger or acquisition, retiring of products or services, if your business is about to lay off some employees, or if there’s an organizational restructuring. 

What are the external factors that trigger the need to buy from your business?

Also, there are a number of external factors that can make a customer buy from you. Some of these reasons include: if your business has gained or lost a significant client, governing changes in the industry and if their business has been affected by climate change, war, or epidemic. 

What’s their income? 

Understanding your customer’s income will allow you to offer your products or services at a price that your customers can afford. If your customers have a low income, it means they have a limited budget. This also means, selling premium and higher prices products to them won’t succeed. If you want to sell those products, however, consider getting new customers without a limited budget. 

What do your customers think about your business and competitors as well?

It’s important to know what your customers are saying about your business, and your competitors too. Check to see what they love or hate about your business. Getting this information is essential, as it will help you customize your products or services according to their needs. 

What do they expect from you?

It’s essential to know the expectations of your customers. This will allow you to strengthen your relationship, as well as meet their needs consistently. By consistently meeting or exceeding your customer expectations, your business is much likely to gain more customers and have improved sales. 

Top 4 ways to know your customers

Capitalize on the power of social media

Having a social media account will allow you to interact with your customers. Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can give you valuable insights about your customers’ expectations,  habits, as well as what they want from your business. These platforms can also be an amazing way for businesses to interact with their customers. 

Ask them questions

Interviewing your customers is one of the easiest ways of knowing them better. Asking your customers questions will give you insights about what they want, and this will allow you to serve them better. When interviewing them, stress on “how” and “why”, as this will give you a clear picture of what you should offer an exceptional customer experience. 

Conduct surveys

Conducting surveys will allow you to get honest feedback about your products or services. Besides, this will be the perfect opportunity to know what your customers think about your business, as well as how they feel about your products or services. If you want to get certain information about your customers, consider conducting personal surveys. Once you conduct your survey and understand your customer base, it’s time to validate their authenticity. Today we have numerous tools, such as the email validation tool by Byteplant that can help you root out fraudsters or scams from your email list. 

Check customer reviews

You can get reviews from your customers via different channels like your social media platforms, business review websites like Yelp, and testimonials on your website. Reviews from these platforms can help you know your customers better. You can always provide incentives to your customers to encourage them to review your business.

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