What technologies are used in web application development?

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web application

Today, web application development services are becoming more and more extensive. Thanks to evolving technologies and programming languages, web developers can design and execute almost any web-based project and app. In this blog post, we are going to take a closer look at web application development services. What technologies (i.e. programming languages and frameworks) are used in web application development? What is this service all about? Let’s find out!

It’s challenging to coin one short definition of web application development services. Generally speaking, they are focused on developing online projects and apps that serve different purposes. Development services are nowadays comprehensive, from design and idea research up to final testing and marketing.

Typically, web application development services are provided by software houses and other IT companies. Many of these entities have different areas of specialization and a scope of provided services, but one thing is constant – they use the same frameworks and programming languages. And what are the prevalent technologies in web application development today?

Web application development: Programming languages

Every web app project starts with a specific programming language and a codebase. In 2021, three of the most popular languages are:

  • JavaScript
  • SQL

In February 2020, asked almost 65,000 developers about used technologies. When asked about the most frequently used programming, scripting, and markup languages, 69.7% indicated JS. 62.4% mentioned HTML/CSS, and SQL – almost 57%. Python and Java are also popular (around 40% of users utilize these languages).

Why is JavaScript so popular? There are a few reasons:

  • JS works brilliantly with diverse web browsers
  • It can be used for front-end and back-end programming alike
  • It’s flexible and versatile, can be used for both small and large enterprise projects
  • JavaScript comes with a lot of useful frameworks

What about the other two? HTML/CSS are core technologies concerning building web pages. This means they are also useful when it comes to developing PWAs (progressive web apps) – web apps that look and work like typical websites. This means that users don’t have to download any software to use them. And finally, there’s SQL – a language that’s indispensable when it comes to communicating with databases and relational database management systems.

Today, however, web application development services are enhanced by so-called frameworks. Let’s talk about them for a moment.

Web app development: Frameworks

Shortly put, they are platforms that allow developers to build new apps in a quick and effective way. They streamline and accelerate the whole process. Let’s take JavaScript as an example. There are several frameworks you can work with: Angular, Vue.js, and React. Each of these frameworks is designed to help web developers in their work.

With Angular, you can develop PWAs, native apps, desktop apps, and even SPAs (single page applications). On the other hand, React is a Facebook’s creation and is primarily used to develop and operate the UI of the sites with a lot of traffic. And finally, there’s Vue.js, which is amazing when you want to develop a SPA.

Now you know the most common technologies used in web application development services. If you want to find out more, visit

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