What technology is still complained about today?

When we think about technology, sometimes the negatives actually take center stage over the many positives that we know that it has been able to provide us.

Indeed, there is an argument that the world and much of its population would not be able to function without it, however that has not stopped many of us from moaning about some of the limitations that we have noticed certain bits of tech has.

We might now be able to access services such as the internet or use smartphones to do things from wherever we are in the world at the touch of a button, including playing the best online slots real money can be won from, but we all know there are a number of annoyances and grievances that we hold towards technology, too.

But what are some of those biggest gripes and what are some of the limitations and frustrations that continue to receive some of the biggest complaints from most of us on a continual basis? Let’s take a look at a few below:

Slow internet

If there is one form of technology that we continue to regularly complain about and never seem satisfied with, then it is in the form of slow internet connections. Although internet speeds have been quicker than ever before and the fact that 5G connectivity is supposed to reduce the wait time for a page to load, we still want to be able to have the quickest speeds possible and see pages load as quickly as we want them to.

Indeed, it could be argued that we have become a generation that expects everything in an instant and no longer has to wait what seems a lifetime for something to download, but it would seem many are still frustrated with the speeds that they receive.

Battery life

Perhaps another gripe that is up there in regard to the same level of the annoyance of slow internet speeds, the battery life of our devices is a technology that many will immediately recognize as being one that is extremely frustrating.

Naturally, manufacturers of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. have been working hard to ensure that our gadgets have the best batteries available in order to allow them to operate at their optimum output, but as we know, this has a lasting effect on the life of the battery.

Some do not appear to be able to last more than a few hours without the need to go back on charge or be hooked up to a power supply. With these devices being continually used and for many, being used every waking hour of the day, it is unsurprising many continue to feel disappointed by the capabilities that they provide.

Features do not work as they should

Is there anything more infuriating than when something does not work as it has been described it would? Technology can certainly fit within this category, as there are occasions where it would seem that it fails and is unable to operate as it should.

Think of a device like a printer and using it on a wireless connection; how many times does this gadget seem to fail to print the document that has been sent to it? For some, far too often!

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