What to Choose: Facebook or Twitter? What is Better for Your Business or Agency

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Doesn’t matter what you do or what kind of business you own, in the modern world it is necessary to establish yourself on social media. Social media presence boosts the brand awareness and brings in more engagement. It’s also the fastest way for business owners to promote themselves and get the feedback from their customers in order to improve or upgrade their services. Arguably two of the biggest social media platforms all agencies and businesses have to be on are Facebook and Twitter. The reason is simple. They have most users. The question is which one is better at doing all those above mentioned things. With the history of recent scandals and the global decline in popularity of Facebook, we think it’s time to move to Twitter.

Why Twitter?

If you want to be known locally as well as globally Twitter is the way to go. Twitter is currently the fastest growing social media platform with around 59% of its users being active and 21% of the total world population on the website. The numbers are increasing every day. In the United States alone almost 69 million people use Twitter. Numbers are much more impressive than for any of the other social media. So you see, you need to get your business or agency on Twitter. 

Advertising on Twitter?

No listing of all the services that Twitter offers, instead we are going to focus on the ones that are useful for doing business or promoting your agency. First of all, you can promote the tweet about anything you want and it will show up on timelines on Twitter users everywhere for a considerable amount of time. This is the way advertising works on the site. It sparks engagement and brings in potential customers. 

What else does Twitter offer?

There’s more than that though. With the recent updates and the change of the layout Twitter has added Story and Twitter Live options. You can now add your advertisement to Twitter Story on your personal page for 24 hours and repeat it as many times as you want once the date expires. You can also go live on twitter and present your brand and engage in communication with your current as well as potential customers. Live videos on Twitter are powered by Periscope and anyone is free to use it for whatever purpose.

What  you can do..

Starting to build Twitter presence can be harder at first but it is manageable. You don’t have to have an extraordinary number of followers in order to get people to check out your Story or get a decent amount of views on your Live. You can simply purchase Twitter Live video views for the starters and give a little boost to the promotion of your business or an agency. The thing is, it is extremely easy to go viral on Twitter and once you do the engagements won’t seem to stop. You will have a better chance at getting verified too.

So what you need to do is..

You can keep your Facebook page and go on with the activities you do there. But what you need to know is sign up on Twitter if you have not already and start establishing your brand there as it is obviously the hottest social media platform currently. Once you get on Twitter you will see for yourself. It is much easier to navigate and use for the benefits of your business. You can use all of its amazing services for your benefit, and most of it, completely free of charge.

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Abhiyan Chhetri is a cybersecurity journalist with a passion for covering latest happenings in cyber security and tech world. In addition to being the founder of this website, Abhiyan is also into gaming, reading and investigative journalism.