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What to expect after Tik Tok commitment to support SMEs in Canada

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With the high viral speed and engagement ability, short content is becoming a new trend for online ads, it is perceived more attention from business. Lately, tiktok claims its commitment to invest and support small and medium enterprises in Canada to optimise the advertising solutions, to enhance business efficiency.

Tiktok Commitment to support SMEs in Canada

In the event in June 2021, tiktok committed to support small and medium enterprises in Canada to access new knowledge and soft skills for marketing on the platform through 3 main focus: push the strategic cooperation, develop resources and enlarge the support force in Canada.

In the scale of the event, one of the most special activities is the talk show with representatives from Canadian digital communication association, mobile marketing association, canadian ecommerce association and tiktok canada. The show is about the expectation of partners for this platform, Mr Henry – general marketing director of tiktok is the leader of the show.

Mr Henry: 

As a partner that works with a lot of small and medium enterprises, the biggest difficulty of these enterprises when implementing digital transformation in marketing, especially when approaching new customers?

Mr Paul – vice president of canadian ecommerce association: 

Based on real working experience with business, I think that most small and medium enterprises that if there is not much support in digital transformation will face difficulty, they can face obstacles when joining the ecommerce platforms. The association has run many training programs for small and medium enterprises, know the benefits of ecommerce, and conduct some promotion policy for them to list their products on the platforms.

In the process of approaching new customers, I see the investment from tiktok is important for us to encourage creativity and support business to sell. 

Mr Henry: what enterprises acquire from these new digital platforms working in Canada? What support do they need?

Mr Jennifer: national director mobile marketing association canada: I assume training new knowledge, in time support,  updating successful case studies, creating a safe advertising environment and sharing market research info are necessary activities.

Training programs are essential for businesses to know about the value of a platform, and know how to use it effectively for their business goals. Building a team for each market will quickly solve the issues  when in difficulty.

And I hope that platforms keep updating the typical case studies, businesses that successfully deploy and spread out to the business community for more people to understand and know how to apply for their own case.

Besides, sharing new market research in Canada, as the change of user behaviour in the pandemic, is also crucial for small and medium enterprises to catch the trends, then conduct it more effectively. Finally, platforms has responsibility to create a safe advertising environment for businesses.

Mr Henry: As Mr Jennifer shared, safety is one of the most important factors that platforms need to ensure. As a person in charge of Tik Tok policy in Canada, Mr Peter, please share more about how this platform has ensured the safety for both users and advertisers?

Mr Peter: policy director at tiktok canada: 

When entering the market, we have to work with governmental and non governmental organisations to build a community standard. Based on that standard, the team has run training activities for content creators, along with building a content audit team.

All is meant to create a safe ads environment, brands can trust ads solutions on tiktok without worrying of harmful issues from negative content to their brands.

Mr Paul: Canadian digital transformation association is one of the first partners of tiktok in Canada, can you share some expectations for the platform in the future?

Ms Grace – director of research and communication training centre: our target is to support members to develop utmost their potential on the digital platforms. Therefore, partnership with tiktok is the strategic partnership in content, user development and other community programs.

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With the future expectation, I hope that tiktok will keep working with associations and organisations in canada to raise awareness for SMEs about digital transformation and especially the way that they can apply the platform to boost up their business. We want tiktok to research more solutions to support enterprises. Finally I want to emphasise the importance of creating a healthy environment for corporates.